Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mooooove on

The cows have moved on back to their home where they will enjoy a life of ease for a few days while they are being readied for Spendal's.  The family that had them said they have a history of running away.  Being sick of it, they are going to turn the cows into burgers.  They reimbursed us for the feed and will be giving us some hamburger.  As the crow flies, the people are only about a mile away.  Driving, they are 3-4 miles away.

We got pulled over tonight for speeding.  We did not get a ticket, but we were pulled over.  We were clocked doing 71, but the cruise was set at 65.  We will have the speedometer checked out.

I feel like I am functioning on exhausted.  I was going to take a nap today, but that did not happen.  We had to round up the cows and they did not want to be caught.  Did you know cows can jump?  They can clear a 4 foot fence!

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