Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brief Bovine Update

Well, the cows are still where we left them and seem to be rather unsure of themselves.  I will get pictures posted some time tomorrow.  I leave uploading to photobucket and all of that stuff to my much more adept husband.  

I lugged out two full 40 quart pots of water to fill a bucket I put out for them.  I am not sure if they can fit through the open gate to the "pasture" area where we keep the feed, water, and where the animals roam.  The other area is a smaller area where we guide the animals when they need to be captured.  It has trees, obstacles, and the door to the milking area, kidding area, and quarantine.  the animals come and go from there, but we close off the area for capture purposes, but keep it open the rest of the time.  

So, I brought water to them and brought along a bag of feed.  I filled two bins with feed.  Having a bag of feed over the shoulder turns anyone into the Pied Piper.  You get followed.  So, I was followed by every single goat right over to the cows.  They stood back and watched.  They watched me fill a thing with fresh water for them and did not move.  They just stood and stared.  I bring out the food and they do not move.  They just stand and stare.  I pour the food and all the goats are gathering around to have this extra special late night treat.  They do not move.  I close up the now half-empty bag and turn to walk away.  I suddenly have a stampede of goats running past me.  The cows moved.  I turn and they start eating the feed.  I continued walking away satisfied that at the very least they have food, water, and a safe place for the night.  What tomorrow will bring, I do not know.  But for now, we have two cows.

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