Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blog Avoidance

I have been avoiding blogging the past couple of says because quite frankly it is all depressing.  We have had to leave our home due to black mold.  And the black mold would never have been an issue if the insurance company had not dragged their feet in the beginning and done their job to begin with.  I am angry and worried and stressed and having chest pains due to the anxiety.

We went to a hotel only to find out that the insurance company deducts the hotel from the mold allotment which is only $5000.  The contractor had seen well over $6000 worth of mold damage and he has bot investigated thoroughly yet.  Along with having the hotel being deducted, an air quality test needs to be done before and after which will run close to $1000 if I am understanding that correctly.  

As I said, I am fed up.   We are seeing a lawyer tomorrow to see what a lawyer would have to say and then going to our agent and laying it all out.

We are not in good hands with Allstate.  That is for sure.

Oh, and when we were told about the $5000 limit for mold, the response?  "Be thankful that you even have mold coverage.  Some insurance companies don't even have it."

It didn't seem to bother him any that we would not have a mold problem to begin with if Allstate had done their job.


Anonymous said...

I hear you. State Farm is not a good neighbor either.

Michelle in Illinois said...

I am so sorry Kim. That is a great house. I hope something can be worked out for you all and you can get it cleaned up and back in without too much cost to yourselves. Sounds like a bad situation. Praying for your family.