Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Update

ELECTRICITY: Having the construction workers using out electricity has the meter whipping around. Yikes. Let's see how bad it really is. 
Meter reading: 80135 
Usage: 701kwh (14 day period.) 
Percentage: No clue since I am on my husband's computer. (Again.) 

IDC: I have one batch of rabbit stew in the canner finishing up and another batch (2 quarts soup and 5 quarts broth) waiting to go in. Otherwise, there hasn't been much happening here other than trying to get through each day and get our lives back on track. 

GARBAGE: We went to the scrap yard and took in a bunch of metal. We got a few bucks for it, so it was more than worth it. 

GASOLINE: My MPG is up to 19. I went to Danville for a shower then drove to Bloomingdale to pick up a friend for a LLL meeting. I filled up the tank before coming home from Rockville after dropping her off. 

MONEY: This is something we are in dire need of. Where it is going to come from and we need it now. A lot more damage, including black mold, has been discovered which means when they go to work in that area we need to get out. While the insurance company might reimburse, the initial cost would be out of pocket. Bottom line is we can not live in this house when it comes time to do mold removal or even when the open up the walls. This is not just our bedroom, but other areas as well. More broken trusses have been discovered as well. And they are right above the balcony where our bed currently is. Along with more black mold. I am feeling completely and totally beaten down and defeated right now. I told Husband that I should never have quit my job and had mentioned going out and getting another. He said he would go out and sell soaps on a street corner before I did that again. 

HOMESTEAD: On the first, Big Brown and Robin will go to Spendal's. The rabbits are stew. Star is in quarantine. 

HOMESCHOOL: Charlie is struggling with staying focused. He is not doing well at all with either his math or his writing. He seems to have forgotten how to do the most basic of stuff. I know our life is in turmoil, but regardless, we still need to do our work. 

1. Don't go insane 
2. Stay focused 
3. Remember to be thankful 
4. Look at all of this as a blessing 

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Jenn K said...

Hugs...I can't imagine the stress.