Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Going to see the doctor

I am planning on making an appointment with the doctor very soon. I called and am just waiting to hear back. My plate is too full. I am having a hard time holding it together and am pretty much seconds from collapsing into a heaping pile of blubbering insanity.
The children are doing well. They have regressed a bit emotionally, but we are trying to keep them on track with school work and stuff that would otherwise be expected of them.
My SIL (whom we are staying with) is being very accommodating. But I know after a while, that will wear thin. It is only natural. As wonderful and loving as she is, she is going to want some peace and quiet back in her life soon.
We are taking turns going out to the farm twice a day. I go in the morning and Husband goes in the evening. I go out there this morning and Flora has her head caught in the fence. Some chickens were caught in the garage all night so the garage smells wonderful. I left it open about a foot so they can get in and out.
I found a dead hen with a couple of eggs. Apparently, a bucket fell over on her and she couldn't get it off herself. As a result, no food and no water. Not being at home, I have no idea how long she was there and how long she suffered until she died. How long was Flora caught in the fence? Since she was still standing strong, it was not long. But we have come home after being gone for a couple of hours and saw her caught and tired from fighting and her hind legs not holding her up anymore. And that was only after a couple of hours! What if she gets caught all night long? Or all day? We won't know about it until we get there.
I hate this. I am seconds away from becoming a heaping mass of blubbering incoherence.

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