Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No church

No, it was not cancelled, but I did not go.  I am exhausted and the girls have been in rare form.  I did not have the energy to keep them corralled.  So, I kept them home.  Besides, with Bethany's UTI, I want her to drink as much as she wants and have access to the bathroom as much as she needs without having to wait.

We had storms come through tonight and the girls huddled on my lap for a bit.  Grandma J was here and stayed for about 20 minutes.  She got to see the girls and gave each of them a book.  Then we sat and talked for a bit.  She has a new puppy.  She was disappointed that we did not go to the funeral for her husband.  I had told her that we had discussed it and while I knew she probably wouldn't mind since she has pretty much adopted us, we were concerned we would be intruding on other family members since the funeral was "close family" only.

The contractors will be starting work while we are gone and hopefully we will be coming back to at least the bedroom done if not the deck or the rest of the roof.  We will be leaving the guns at my SIL.  If we were going to Indy or a state that allows peacable travel or reciprocity, we would take them with us due to the contractors, but since Illinois is often dubbed the "Communist State of Illinois" by many of us who live on the border, we will be leaving all the firearms with my SIL.

I picked up a couple of workbooks for Charlie and Bethany to work on while at Conference.  It will give them something to do while in the hotel room.  Between that, The Count Of Monty Cristo, and his normal writing, Charlie should be good and busy with his school work.  I had to pry him away from Captain Courageous.  While I am glad he has books he likes to read over and over and over again, he needs variety.  I am wanting to order some of these books for him.  These ones we have, we found among a bunch of books given to us.  (Or was it a yard sale?)  Anyway, these are great.  I love them and obviously so does Charlie.  The ones we have are hard cover and they seem to stand up well to wear, reading, and spills.

The goats got their last round of shots today and we should be able to start drinking milk again on Saturday.  I actually had to pull milk from the freezer.  I have not had to do that in a long time.  It was rather shocking.  And, of course, the goats are going to run when it comes milking time because they have been getting shots everyday for a few days now.

Can I have an apple?
Can I have a carrot?
Can I have a tomato?
Can I have some broccoli?
Can I have something to delay me going to bed for another five minutes?

Yes, my children are supposed to be in bed.  Yes, they are down here right now as I am trying to type.  Yes, I have to go put them back in bed.

Good night.

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Ashley said...

Treasury of Illustrated Classics... I found a ton of these books at Dollar General and they were only $1 each. I am thinking they are probably similar to the ones you like. Here is a link to where I posted looking for some: You can see some pictures there plus a list of titles that I've been able to dig up so far. I looked at the pricing on the others and those are just really expensive IMHO. But I am cheap... *blush*

Anyway take a look at them and see what you think. :) It's only a $1 to try one out so it might be worth it.