Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Update and more

Yes, folks.  Only seven days have gone by and I actually have a Friday Update for everyone.  But first, I just want to update everyone on the absurdity of what has been happening at my wonderful place of employment.

I went in Wednesday to pick up my check and A was there.  (Remember, this was her mom that had made the phone call.)  Not a word was said to me.  Yesterday, I went in to work and she was there.  Again, not a word.  Day shift has supposedly been having all kinds of gossip going on about this, but not a word has been breathed to me about it.

S is supposed to have a meeting with me about this because it was a customer complaint about me specifically and again, nothing said.  There has been no official anything with me about this outside of the initial phone call and L talking with me about it.  We will see where this leads.

Anyway, without further ado, here is your Friday Update:

ELECTRICITY: It is up even further from last week. Granted, I have been doing some canning, but that does not give me any comfort while knowing I am using so much. The AC got shut off today since it is so mice out. The AC has been running a lot with the heat and humidity that we had. I am going to evaluate our lifestyle and try to figure out where we can cut back. I know one thing we can do it turn the hot water tank off like we used to. Or get a timer for it. But what else besides that can we do?  
Meter reading: 78948
Usage: 564kwh (7 day period.)
Percentage: 267%

IDC: More canning got done. We have lots of green beans. Certainly not enough to last the winter, but we do have plenty. We also have apples that I will be taking care of before leaving on Monday. There was an e-mail about canning tomatoes. 25# for $10. Unfortunately, I do not have time to take care of them before we leave. Hopefully, the Amish farmer will still have more when we get back. There has been a blight that has affected a lot of tomato crops this year. Not just the Amish farmer’s, but others as well.

GARBAGE: There hasn’t been a lot this week. I know that there will be plenty when we clean our room out so the contractors can work while we are gone. (Man, there is a lot to do before we leave!)

GASOLINE: Last week, I mentioned the low mileage of the van and I still have not taken it to the mechanic. That is on my to-do list still.

MONEY: This has not changed. We are doing the baby steps of the Dave Ramsey program. I am taking my paychecks and putting one check into savings and the next to the van payment. The idea is to get the van paid off faster by doing to payments a month. Once that is done, we will take that money and roll it into the truck payment and get that paid off faster while still stashing a minimum wage paycheck each month.

HOMESTEAD: The pink-eye never really left. Some of the goats showed up with it again. So, we were a bit more aggressive with the antibiotics. It seems to be gone now. I am a bit worried leaving the herd with the pink-eye still freshly gone. But, I place my trust in God and know that they will be ok whatever happens. I have someone who will be doing the milking and taking care of the animals. So, if something does happen, I am sure we will get a call and can take care of it by phone. If one of us does need to come home, we’re only 5 hours away.
Henry and Snowball are adjusting well. Henry now rubs his face in your butt and Snowball actually tentatively approaches for a scratch. She actually comes just in arm’s reach now instead of staying outside of it.
The broody hen got tossed off her nest. She reeked and she was eating the chicks as they hatched. She lost her broody rights. The smell was making me heave.  

HOMESCHOOL: Charlie is getting back into math after a brief hiatus. The hiatus should never have happened. He has forgotten everything. Hopefully, the workbook will help. Bethany and Hannah still do and Bethany also has been practicing her writing. She is starting to “get it” with the addition.  

1. WW = I did not make it to a meeting this week, but I didn’t do too bad with my dietary habits. For the most part. Actually, I did horrible now that I think back over the past week.
2. Finish Packing for Conference = I am done. The girls are done. Charlie is done. Now, it is a matter of toiletries and extras. George does his own.
3. Finish Barn = This didn’t happen and I am highly annoyed.
4. Lose Weight = I don’t know how I did on the scale and I just finished eating so I am not going to step on it right now.
5. Eat Better = Thinking back just now, I didn’t make the best of choices. Pork fast is over so I have had a LOT of bacon. And now I have a zit trying to form on my face.

1. Enjoy Conference. (This is a given, but it is nice to have a goal that doesn’t require a lot of effort every once in a while.)
2. Get the apples done before Monday morning.
3. Be aware of what I am eating. I always gain during these church events.
4. Finish wrapping all soaps.
5. Get all liquid soaps poured.

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