Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I think not.

This blog entry is more for my records than anything else.  

A few days ago, the owner of McDonald's came in for a meeting with S and I met him.  I introduced myself and shook his hand then requested a meeting with him.  (I am not the type to trip over myself or go ga-ga over some higher-up.  Never have been and never will be.)  Anyway, he agreed no problem and when I met with him, S was there as was to be expected.

I turned and looked at S and said "You are not going to like what I have to say" then proceeded to discuss with D the things going on.  When S kept interjecting and asked why I never told her or talked about it with her, I said "I tried.  You did not listen."

She then pulled me aside after D left and grilled me some more trying to turn things around.  No, that was not going to happen.  I was not going to make it about X or Y.  This was about her and how she is not running the store and the garbage that goes on.  She has her "pets" and anyone or anything that goes against her "pets" ends up with a big target.

Fast forward to last night.  Everyone knows I go to Sav-a-lot before going to work to pick up a few things for my dinner.  Usually frozen whole strawberries and some fresh bananas.  Plus I like their Green Goddess smoothie drink that they have there.  Anyway, it has become an established routine.  (Slicing up bananas into a container and dumping the frozen strawberries on top makes for a wonderful dinner.  By the time break comes, the strawberries have thawed and the juice mixes with the bananas making a wonderful dinner that is also filling.  I use whole strawberries as they are not mixed with added sugar.)

I am in the store getting bananas and looking for sunflower seeds (which I chose not to get) or craisins (couldn't find) and also grabbed a chocolate bar (psychological comfort since I had also found out it will be another eleven days before the contractors can even start on the roof) and a green drink.  While wandering, there was a woman there with a couple of boys.  One in the cart who was quiet and one walking.  The one walking recognized the M on my shirt and pointed it out.  I confirmed I work at McDonald's.

"As a matter of fact, I am getting myself some dinner to take with me to work."  Seeing a puzzled look on the little boy's face, I had said "While McDonald's is ok once in a while, it is not good to eat every day."

I didn't think much more of it and continued on my way.  I headed to the check out knowing I had to finish up and get across the street to put together my dinner and clock in.  At the check out, the woman saw my uniform shirt and had said something like "I could never work fast food."  The mother and the two boys were behind me in line.  Yes, this is an important fact.

"It isn't always easy.  Sometimes customers can be difficult.  But by the same token, I don't think I could ever do your job."  Looking back at the family behind me and seeing the boy staring at me, I squatted down and said "But one of the best things about working there is seeing cute little guys like you."

Boy:  "My sister works at McDonald's!"

Me:  "Really?  And who is she?"

Boy:  "A."

Me:  "I know her!"  (I smiled when I said this.  I've only met her a handful of times since we work totally opposite shifts so I have no idea what she is like or anything like that.  I know her in passing.  If I worked with her, I probably would have added something like "And she is a sweetheart" or "She is nice" or "She is fun to work with" or something like that.  But since I've never worked with her for any length of time, I left it as I did.)

I left with a smile on my face, thought the boy was cute, and didn't think anything more of any of it.  I went to work, put together my dinner which this night was different from my normal bananas and strawberries.  It was peaches and blueberries left over from the night before and I added bananas to that.  I drank my green drink, put my visor on, checked myself in the mirror, washed my hands, and clocked in.  (And investigated a car alarm.)

Half and hour or so into my shift, there was a phone call.  L took the call.  It was A's mother saying that I was over at Sav-a-lot.

Supposedly, I was saying things like I would never eat the food at McDonald's, that it was disgusting (or something along those lines), was trashing the customers and saying that the customers were j-ing off on the front counter, that I worked with a bunch of b-s, that I got out of there "real quick" when I found out who she was, and a bunch of other stuff.

I thought it was strange that the mother of the little boy kept her face turned away from me.  Most people - most mothers look directly at people who talk to their children.  Especially people they don't know.  Maybe she thought I might recognize her?  I have no idea.  Either way, I had no clue who she was and even if I did, I would not have not talked to her child who engaged me in conversation.

I do find it laughable that she would choose such an obvious way of lying about the whole encounter.  The minute the cuss words started coming out suspicion turned to confirmation that the whole thing was one big lie.  (L had to take the report and because it was A's mom, she had to report it to S.  Otherwise, she most likely would have ripped it up and thrown it away for the lie that it was.)

L told me about it.  I told her about what happened at Sav-a-lot.  She said she had no choice.  That she has to report it to S.  I told her to go ahead.  My character will stand for itself and if S chooses to believe such blatant lies, then that speaks for S's character and the fact that she will place personal preference and favorites over truth and integrity.

Word quickly spread about the phone call and people were shocked and amused.  They were shocked that someone would do something like that.  (But not over who did it.)  And they were amused by what this woman came up with.  "You apologize when "crap" comes out of your mouth and she expects us to believe you said those things?"  Or as one friend of mine said "Why not just say you got drunk and ran naked through Sav-a-lot?  It's about as believable as saying you said those words."


Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

CRAP! ;-)

sasha said...

Wow. How utterly ridiculous. Certainly anyone who knows you will see that such a report is a complete lie. Still, it hurts to have lies spread about you.

Tina said...

It amazes me that grown adults have to resort to lies and crap to make themselves feel better. Seriously, even if you had said those things, what is it of her business? She could have taken her child away from you and moved on. Why did she feel the need to cause a rift in your life?

I had a similar situation. Someone heard me on the phone at a local convenience store fussing at my husband about work. I was working at a daycare and they had just mistreated my son and made me feel the bad guy for confronting them. I was beyond pissed and probably said some choice words, I admits. I never said the name of the place though but someone recognized me, did not like me and told. I got fussed at by the owner and quit as soon as I could muster. Nothing more came of it though, just a fuss from the office and a procedure talk about how we don't do that. Well we don't hurt kids either and your stupid friends who work here hurt my 4yo and you didn't care about that did ya crazy lady?! Ugh, still pisses me off 5 years later.

Michelle in Illinois said...

wow, such drama. I'd say I am surprised, but I'm really not. We all know how much you cuss out people and talk badly about people etc. etc. etc. ha ha ha!!! jk!!! People need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

What a knuckle head

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Lisa - Crud!

Sasha - Yes, it does. Surprisingly, no one said anything when I went to pick up my paycheck today. But A did keep looking over at me. I smiled at her. :)

Tina - Someone hurt your 4yo and they are still alive? I am impressed by your restraint. :)

Michelle - Did you hear about that Crazy Lady in Sav-a-lot? ;)

Fuzzys Dad - Well said. And tell your wife I said "Hi."

Michelle in Illinois said...

Kim, nope, I didn't hear about it. I try not to involve myself with drama LOL

Ashley said...

Kim you really should stop cussing out little kids in save-a-lot... seriously! lol

I completely believe you would never has cussed especially not in front of CHILDREN!

So sad people have to try and stir up, lie and completely try to ruin someone's employment.