Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Update

ELECTRICITY: It has been three weeks again. And over the past three weeks, our usage has drastically increased. Air conditioning? Dishwasher? Lack of time to concern ourselves with the minor details of energy drains? Either way, we obviously need to focus. We need to find ways to keep cool without the AC and still keep my husband healthy. Heat is not good for him and he gets very sick from the heat. This is another one of those balancing acts. Just like in the winter keeping the thermostat down while keeping the children warm, we are looking for ways to keep the thermostat up while keeping my husband cool.
Meter reading: 78384
Usage: 1489kwh (21 day period.)
Percentage: 236%

IDC: More canning got done. Green beans and pickles. Yesterday, some trusses got dropped off so hopefully we are on our way to having our home fixed. I also discovered green beans and cucumbers in my decimated garden. There are carrots growing as well, but are not ready to be harvested. This surprises me since I had considered the garden a total loss for this year. I am going to harvest these seeds and save them for next year. Especially since they survived what they did.

GARBAGE: We have done lots of burning. Not the best option, but there are tons of stuff that need to be thrown away and the ashes can be used in the garden for next year.

GASOLINE: I recently discovered the van is only getting 16mpg so it needs some work done. I don’t know what the truck is getting, but I do know the tires need air.

MONEY: This has not changed. We are doing the baby steps of the Dave Ramsey program. I am taking my paychecks and putting one check into savings and the next to the van payment. The idea is to get the van paid off faster by doing to payments a month. Once that is done, we will take that money and roll it into the truck payment and get that paid off faster while still stashing a minimum wage paycheck each month.

HOMESTEAD: Gi-gi died. We brought a lot of animals into our homestead in a very short period of time. Animals that had been neglected. We separated the donkeys but not the goats. That was our big mistake. We should be separating all new animals. The herd got hit with pink eye and a respiratory infection at the same time. We saw the signs of pink-eye and heard the coughing, but didn’t treat them in time and Gi-gi died. She had died during the night. She was up and moving. A bit slowly, but up and moving the evening before and in the morning, Husband found her. She was gentle and affectionate and a good mom. She was bottom of the totem pole so to speak when it came to the herd. Often pushed aside and made to wait until last to eat or drink. But when it came to protecting her kid, she was vicious.  
Our hen currently sitting on eggs has nine eggs surrounding her and I have no idea how many under her. Given our experience with cracking eggs for breakfast and having half formed chicks, I am leaving them until however many eggs hatch and she is done. Then we will destroy the rest of the eggs and start over with collecting.  
The donkeys are looking a lot better. Hair is growing in where their eyes were getting eaten by flies. Their hooves are looking better since the farrier came. Given time, they will be the healthy hooves they are supposed to be. As for them, they are otherwise very healthy.  

HOMESCHOOL: Bethany has started simple math and will be starting her own copy work from the Bible. She is learning at an amazing rate. At the age of four, her handwriting is better than Charlie’s. I try not to compare them. I understand that Charlie being left handed means that traditionally, his handwriting skills will lack in neatness. But it is still hard to not look at them side by side and see the difference and not get a bit aggravated. We are going to pick up a couple of math workbooks for each of them to take with us to Conference. That is something that they will each enjoy.  

1. WW = Still have membership. I am trying to be conscious of what I eat. One thing I do for work that I should be doing more often is I buy a bag of frozen whole strawberries (the ones without the added sugar) and a couple of bananas. I have a container with me that I slice the bananas in and I dump the strawberries in with them. Once break come, the strawberries have melted and created a juice that mixes with the bananas and it is very good.
2. Lawn Mower = I am thinking that this was a “mow the lawn” type of goal. If that is the case, then I have failed miserably. However, the goats getting lose and the chickens thinking that the fence is more of a suggestion than an absolute helps keep some of the weeds down. A little.
3. Emergency Preparedness = Not even going to think of this. This is bad of me.
4. Lose weight = I have no clue what the scale says, but I did fit into a skirt I have not fit into in over a year.
5. Eat Better = I am trying. As I mentioned above, I do try to take lunch to work with me, but that does not always happen. Then I do stupid things like take CrapDonald’s food home with me.

1. WW
2. Finish Packing for Conference
3. Finish Barn
4. Lose Weight
5. Eat Better

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