Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lousy at keeping up to date

A friend of mine stopped by to do a review of animal care since she will be taking care of them while we are gone.  She didn't know that Gi-gi had died so apparently I never posted about it.  This is not surprising since she died the day before Harold died.  So, I was mentally occupied with that.

I have also been busy canning green beans and pickles.  I even made some pickled green beans since I had left-over brine.  I am going to save some seeds from my cucumbers and green beans to plant next year.  While I did not get a lot of green beans and the cucumbers look sad, they grew and survived being eaten by the chickens, being snowed on, being flooded, and then being ignored and choked out by grass and weeds.  So these are good vegetables.

Today, we stopped by Aldi's to pick up a few things to get us through the next couple of weeks until conference.  The meals are going to be cheap and easy.  We have also decided to have our big meal for lunch and have dinner be sandwiches, etc.  I miss having dinner with my family.  I miss my family.

I have been working 30 or more hours a week and it is going to increase.  I spoke with A about training on overnights and one night a week, I am basically going to be working a double shift.  I will go in on my regular shift and just stay over night until 4:00am.  Since no one on my regular shift wants to train me, I will just take the initiative and make myself be trained.  I can do lobby, drive-thru present, take cash, buns, and if you have half an hour to waste, I can take your order.  Obviously, I need to do more.  And I need to spend more time at the register and also learn how to make the sandwiches and make the burgers.  I will also be learning breakfast doing this.

Charlie has been doing a lot of copy work, learning to type on the computer, and reading.  We have been slacking on his math which is not good.  I am not going to have him be like what I witnessed at work the other night when one of the registers stopped working properly and didn't display cash and change.  "How do I make change?"  Thankfully, it was the end of my shift, I was clocked out, and I was headed out the door.


Sasha said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Gi-Gi! What happened to her?

George said...

She died from pink eye. Unfortunately she didn't presnt A-Typical symptoms to be able to accurately diagnose her illness. The rest of our herd also began showing symtoms and were treated. We had introduced 3 different groups of animals to our herd in a short time frame so it could have been any one of them or the flies that always hitch a ride along. Some of the animals we took in were not properly cared for or neglected, so we don't expect a reoccurance, but have meds on hand as usual just incase.

sasha said...

Ah, pink eye can be tough. We've been lucky to have only dealt with it with one goat but it was a pain.
I know losing her must be a blow to you guys. I'm sorry.

K. Wilkerson said...

I wish you'd come to mornings! Overnights end after the festival. They will continue on weekends only that is. Although they are cutting hours due to call-offs, this way they are covered on the shifts.