Monday, August 17, 2009

Another day, another learning experience

I am the one learning.  I am constantly learning from my children.  Amidst the constant, never-ending, talking that comes from Bethany (to the point where we beg her to please stop talking for five minutes and she asks if it is five minutes yet) she has an amazing understanding of God and prayer.  Her prayers are always from her heart and very inspiring and humbling.  I am constantly in awe of just how much she grasps when it comes to faith.  She truly is an example of what it means when we are told to have the faith of a child.
Charlie is surprising me with how well he does on the piano.  He is learning a new piece and is doing amazingly well.  It is Ode To Joy and is the same tune for Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.  I'd love for him to learn the whole thing and be able to play it in church.
Hannah will start her piano lessons in September which is just a couple of weeks from now.  I am really looking forward to her learning how to play.  Maybe getting into lessons will focus her and calm her down some.  Being firmly embedded in the twos stage has really had her pushing every boundary, limit, and rule we have.  And we don't have that many.  Tell her "No" to something and she has a livid canary!  Take something from her she shouldn't have and she will fight back.  Place a limit on her and you'd think I was some ogre.  Ah, the age of two.  It is a hard age.  There is a reason it is called the "Terrible Twos."  It isn't terrible for the child.  It is terrible for the parents of the child!
One of the goats has pink eye again.  We are going to quarantine her and check the rest of the herd.  It is bad.  It was not there yesterday, but today, both eyes are running and swollen.  Along with the abx, we are going to wash her eyes with some goat milk.  Hey, fresh human milk works for human pink eye.  (Ask how I know.)  Make that two goats.  Star and Flora.  They are going to be quarantined and the whole herd is going to get injections.  Not our first choice for treating infections like this, but we lost one goat to this already.  I am not going to lose another.  They are going to get two shots a day for three days.  This also means that all milk will have to be dumped that get collected from tomorrow on until Saturday.  Just in time for us to start freezing for while we are gone.  
Speaking of, I need to make room in the freezer for milk to be stored in there since K doesn't drink the milk.  (Although she is more than welcome to it.)  We are also going to bring a couple of frozen gallons with us so that we can have milk for things like cereal, drinking, etc so Bethany doesn't get sick.  I also need to make an appointment for Bethany before we leave she can be checked for a UTI.  She is peeing a LOT and she has had a couple of accidents.  Ok, her appointment is tomorrow morning at 9:00 with the NP.  I don't like the NP, but I'll take what I can get.  The NP doesn't care for our non-mainstream life, non-vaxing, and preference for alternative treatments when possible.  But, a UTI is just a simple test and a round of abx if present.  Since Bethany is not prone to yeast infections, I don't have a huge worry over that.  She just does a lousy job at wiping herself.  If she has one, this will be her second.
Husband is going to take the children, head to Rural King, get some needles and syringes since we are running very low, and come back to finish injecting the herd.  I am going to get my stuff together for work, do a bit more housework, then head out to work.

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