Friday, August 21, 2009

Cool Down Period?

I am the one who needs a cool down period?  The one who is being lied about?  Ok.  Whatever!

So I get called into the office and asked about what had happened.  I had been waiting for this.  I knew it was a matter of time.  A is there along with the store manager, S.  S did not stick around for long.  I guess she had to go talk with someone else about something else.  Fine.  Whatever.  Leave a manager and a crew member yelling at each other and walk away.  Good managerial skills there.

I relay what had happened and A came right out and said "No matter what, I am going to believe my mother."  I knew right then (well, I knew it before hand but this confirmed it) that I was up the creek.  Lovely.

Then, I was told that maybe I should not be talking to anyone while in uniform and not on shift.  Excuse me?  When I reminded her that 
1.  I was on my own time.
2.  What I do on my time is my own business.
3.  Telling me to not talk is a violation of my basic constitutional rights as afforded me of the first amendment.

She tells me "Your constitutional rights may get you fired."

Then she has the nerve to ask me why I am so angry if I didn't say or do anything wrong.  I look at her and told her that she just basically told me that no matter what, she will not believe me and I am supposed to stand here and accept my character being maligned and having lies told about me.  Then I said "And next time your mother spreads lies about me, make it at least somewhat believable."  She then turned around and said that I was maligning her mother.

"No.  If I was maligning your mother's character, I would say that she is a lying sack of goat poop.  I am not saying that.  I'm thinking it, but I am not saying it.  There is a difference."

Then, I look at her and ask "Are we done."
"What else?"
"Your name tag is supposed to be on your shirt."  (It says we are supposed to wear it.  It does not specify shirt.  But, I moved it.  I'll move it back.  I prefer people to not stare at my chest.  I will ask her to show me in the dress code where it says shirt and show her the copy she gave me at the time of hiring.)
After moving it, I asked "Anything else, Ma'am."
"You are supposed to be wearing black socks."  (At this point, I know she is getting nit-picky and reaching.  I have been wearing white ankle socks with stockings since day one.  Most people wear white, it is just hidden under the pants.)
"Are you going to pay for the athlete's foot medicine?"
"Why should I?"
"Because when I wear black socks, I get athlete's foot.  I wear white socks for medical reasons.  So, I ask again.  Will you pay for the medicine?"
"No.  Black socks are part of the uniform."
"Anything else, Ma'am?"
"I think you should take a cool-off period, clock out, and go home."
"Fine.  I will be back when I come home from church conference."

I made sure one of the employees whose girlfriend (wife?) got the breastfeeding information packet, clocked out, and left.


Dana said...

Are you planning on going back?

Tread Softly said...

Oh, I am so angry at that woman! I hope this all works out in your favor.