Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Computer Problems

I have been having computer problems with the laptop so I am using the hotel computer to do an update. We did arrive safe and sound on Monday night and are in a wonderful room. I am loving it and I want this room again next year.

When we left on Monday, we stopped by McDonald's to do a couple of things. One was to pick up lunch to have on the road and the other was to talk with S about me being scheduled for Saturday when I am out of state. Sorry, but I am still working on the whole cloning thing. Until that happens, being in two different time zones at the same time is not going to happen.

While there, S talked to be about "The Situation." I told her that A should never have been the one to handle it and she should never have even been there for the discussion since her mother was the one involved in the "complaint." While she agrees that A should not have been the one, she disagrees and thinks that A had a right to be there.

I also told her that since this situation happened on my time and not on McDonald's property, it should have been a non-issue. S is also now saying that A's mom never said I was cussing or saying "all these horrible things" and it was some how or other "misconstrued." That, I have a hard time believing. She wants me to forget the whole thing. Not hardly. I harbor no ill will to A or her mom. But, I won't trust them. There are strange things going on and I don't understand all of it. I know that I have a bulls-eye on my back right now because I do speak up and I do speak out. That might be a downfall in the workforce, but to remain silent in the face of wrong just gives more power to wrong and makes me just as guilty as the wrong-doer. I don't know if that makes sense or not, but it does in my head. If someone is doing wrong, I speak up. if someone is being wronged, I speak up. Not too many people like that. Oh, well.

Before we left Monday, George milked the goats and fed the animals. While taking care of them, he discovered that Flora went blind. Her eyes were shut. She was given a double dose of antibiotic and a Vitamin B shot. By that evening, K called and said that one of her eyes was open. I talked with my SIL last night and she had given a very ticked off Flora another shot and said both of her eyes were open, neither one of them was runny, and they were just cloudy now. So the antibiotics are working. I am very thankful. I was worried. But, as we had told K, since we gave her the double dose and quarantined her, us being there or not being there would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome.

I am going to call both K and my SIL later to see how the animals are doing. SIL had asked what time K goes over to feed. I have no idea. I do know that SIL was worried about Flora having no water. I have no idea if she sucked it down (which is the most likely scenario) or if K just forgot to give Flora water since the watering system for the animals (unless there is a quarantine situation) is self-watering with the exception of the rabbits. Their water bottles get filled from the water trough that the other animals drink from. Either way, as long as Flora stays on the road to recovery and the rest of the animals remain healthy, I will be ecstatic.


K. Wilkerson said...

We ran really late yesterday b/c of Riley. She had water last night when I left and was fine (cloudy eyes). Today she had a little bit of water in her bucket so I filled it back up. Did you SIL give her water? If so, maybe I need to go out twice to make sure she has it unless she plans on being out there. At no point has she had no water since I have been out there. She was up and moving around today, looking for affection, and was tring to see out of her habitat. She still had cloudy eyes but was upbeat. By the way, the brown rabbit's watering thing isn't holding water, I just keep filling it of course. I had to finish hand milking Frenchy, I'm not getting that much milk from the machine. By the way, I was waiting for you call tonight, I even tried to call you. Flora is looking enlarged I was trying to find out what you wanted me to do since you said that you didn't want me to let her out. I work 11-8 tomorrow.

Michelle in Illinois said...

have a safe trip home.