Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm leaving

Well, tomorrow, I am leaving.  K is supposed to come over tomorrow morning to go over everything one last time before taking care of the animals for the week.  I hope and pray she follows through since I seem to have ticked her with yesterday's blog entry.  She had a huge blog post as a kind of letter to me.  I am not even up to addressing it right now.  My only concern at this point is making sure my animals don't die of starvation or mastitis.  (Yes, not milking a goat can lead to mastitis and can very quickly kill the goat.)  So lives are hanging in the balance here.

I am still reeling a bit from hearing about A's husband.  She and I have talked on occasion and compared notes so to speak with regard to husbands.  We started talking about this after I found out that her husband suffered from seizures.  It also made her a lot more understanding when I cam back from going home on break and said that my husband is lucky he is alive.  (Tongue in cheek and very, very annoyed.)  George has seizures and has had heart attacks.  So when he doesn't answer the phone or a text, especially repeated, I start to panic.  When I came home, saw him perfectly fine, and asked him where his phone was and he shrugged, I was ready to throw something at him.  

A and my husband have a lot of the same medical issues.  Had.  So hearing about his death has me a bit more shaken than most people at work because it hits so close to home for me.

George had a tetanus shot a couple of weeks ago and shortly after that, a lot of his old symptoms came back.  The burning neuropathy and chronic joint and muscle pain.  It literally happened over night.  Neither one of us was happy with this.  Seeing the old him like that was breaking my heart.  Slowly, over the past few days, he seems to be getting better.  We are both thinking it was the tetanus shot.  With all the junk they put into the vaccine, it wouldn't surprise me.  The only reason he even got the shot was it had been over 15 years since he's had it and we've dealt with tetanus on this property.  (One of the goats.)  It is the only thing we vaccinate against and seeing this, I am wondering if the shot is indeed worse than the disease.

George had made the comment at the VA that the vial looks just like what we get at Rural King for the goats.  The nurse said "It is."  I have heard from more than one professional that the only difference is the label that gets put on it "For veterinary use only."

I am just happy that the symptoms are going away.  That's not to say he is 100% yet, but he is getting better again.

I am trying to make sure everything is set for K tomorrow and this next week as well as have our room cleared out since the contractors are supposed to start this week as well.  So, we need to also pack up the guns and take them to SIL.  I don't want the guns in here while the contractors are working.  Especially since where the guns are stored are in the very room they are going to be working.  I want us to be on the road by noon the latest.  It is a long trip and I want Hannah to be able to nap while on the road otherwise it will make for a very long five or more hours.

I picked up a couple of HUGE bins at K-mart to put our stuff in.  We each have our own garment bag and they fit in the bins flat.  George has two garment bags.  One for his suits and one for the rest of his clothes.  With the separate garment bags, we only use one suitcase and even that could be smaller.  The garment bags and suitcase all fit down in the two bins so if it rains, everything is still ok in the bed of the truck.

The door magnets will need to come off and they will get put on the fridge or freezer to keep them flat.  The truck still needs cleaned out on the inside.  I doubt I will have time to vacuum, but the least I could do is make sure I pull any trash, take out the carseats, lift the back seat, and clean out under it.  Usually, I find a bit of shriveled half-eaten something or other.

Time to get back to work.

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K. Wilkerson said...

I need to know when you are leaving tomorrow. I need to know when to come over. H will be leaving for school around 8:45, so I will need to be home by then. That means that I either have to come early like around 8 at the latest and be out of there by 8:30 so earlier may need to be necessary. Or it will be the early afternoon.

By the way, it's not that I'm ticked, just disappointed. I continually stive to do what I say I will do, I told you I'd help you and I will.