Sunday, July 26, 2009

We have been working on fencing and gates as we are doing upgrades and repairs to the farm.  We are turning one of the garages into a barn and will be putting stalls in for the donkeys.  I am hoping we get done with this next round of work gets done in the next few days.  Hot, hard, sweaty work, but it needs doing.  

The other thing that needs doing is the soaps.  We have lots and lots of soaps to make to re-up our inventory.  We also have 200 bottles to fill with the liquid.  Along with the soaps that we have to make for our current scents, I want to start a new scent.  Citronella.  I just don't know anyone around here with a citronella plant right now.  

I have been asked a lot about lotions and I am going to continue to investigate sources for the ingredients to see what I can find locally.  I will not ship in the ingredients.  They need to be locally grown or from locally owned businesses.

Tomorrow, we pick up 20 bags of goat feed and 5 bags of chicken feed.  We picked up 20 bales of hay a few days ago.  We are working on stocking up on feed right now so that come winter we don't have to worry about running out if it gets too cold/icy to drive to the feed store.  

The donkeys seem to be adjusting well.  The vet comes out Thursday to castrate Henry.  We are going to keep him in a stall the first few days after since it is a surgical castration.  I don't want to chance something happening and it getting infected.  We'll be keeping it clean and covered and him in a stall.  

Snowball slipped out of her facial harness earlier so it will be fun trying to catch her tomorrow.  She is far more skittish than Henry.  They both did get sprayed down with fly spray so they are not being eaten alive anymore.  

Work tonight was fun.  I was supposed to clock out at 10:00, but had to wait until someone came back from break.  Then when she came back, her and both managers went out for cigarettes leaving no manager in the store and three people working past the end of their shift.   

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Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

She went immediately for a smoking break after coming in from a break? Nice.

I once complained to a boss that smokers got several more breaks a day than I did (I didn't take any breaks other than lunch or going potty). He said he hadn't noticed, and so he told me to take a 15 minute break twice a day, and he cracked down on the smokers!