Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On your mark, get set, SOAP!

Yes, folks.  We have soap making ingredients and stuff measured out to make soap.  The lavender we are using this time is a Spanish lavender.  (Or is it French?  It is not English.)  The smell of it smells like a strong lavender powder soap even though it is just the plant.  I had a hard time shredding it to be pureed for the soap batch, so I had Husband do it.  I kept sneezing and getting a headache.

I also have stuff set up for tea tree soap.  That is a very popular soap and I am surprised at how fast people bought it.

I went to Health Quest today to pick up a couple of essential oils that I needed.  He was out of a couple of others that I need plus I ordered a "New Scent."  I picked up eucalyptus that we were out of and sandalwood (new and heavily requested) and the new one I ordered with the other two on order is citronella.  I also picked up four 35# jugs of oil for more soap making.

Fencing has been worked on and slowly replaced with a heavy feedlot fence.  Snowball, who got out of her harness, is back in it.  Turning the garage into a barn is not going very fast.  But I am hoping something is done tonight to get it animal habitable since we have heavy rains coming through and even had hail not too long ago.

The children are driving me nuts.  They don't listen, they become argumentative, and quite frankly I am tired of it.  I am tired of yelling.  I am tired of repeating myself.  I am tired of the whining.  I am tired of not having my space.  I want - no I need my space back.  I need my room back.  My girls need their room back.  This is temporary.  I just need to keep repeating that to myself.  Work should be starting soon, so this is all temporary.

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