Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Update

ELECTRICITY: Even though it has been three weeks, my usage has gone down considerably. This is good. Most likely due to not using the a/c. Either that or us not being home much. Hopefully, we can keep it down and lower it even more. 
Meter reading: 76895
Usage: 910kwh (21 day period.)
Percentage: 143%

IDC: I did some canning. I canned 11 jars of green beans, 2 jars of squash, and a jar of zucchini. As for the house, we are now waiting on communication between the contractors and the insurance company.

GARBAGE: We have lots of garbage. We are going to do a bunch of cleaning out and getting rid of stuff.

GASOLINE: I need to keep track of this.

MONEY: We are doing the baby steps of the Dave Ramsey program. I am taking my paychecks and putting one check into savings and the next to the van payment. The idea is to get the van paid off faster by doing to payments a month. Once that is done, we will take that money and roll it into the truck payment and get that paid off faster while still stashing a minimum wage paycheck each month.

HOMESTEAD: Our brooder hatched five chicks and they are adorable. We now have another brooder. Having survived the fair, we doubled our goat herd. We now have sixteen goats. We are going to dry up Gi-gi and Robin so we will only have three in milk. Among the goats that we got are four adults. There are three ladies who will be bred as soon as our little buckling is old enough and a wether Nubian who is looking delicious. Too bad he is wethered because he is HUGE! But, he will be good eating and we don’t have a lot of meat in the freezer right now.
We also have two donkeys. A jack and a jenny. They both have been seriously neglected. And, we just discovered that the jack (Henry) has an abscess on his front right hoof and he is limping. For now, we cleaned it and put a poultice of garlic powder paste on it. We tried to cover it, but Henry was feeling less than cooperative.
We bought paneling and are going to buy more until all the fencing is replaced. I bought quick-crete but apparently bought the wrong kind so it will have to be taken back tomorrow and the right stuff bought. George will take care of that while I am at the DTFM.

HOMESCHOOL: This has been seriously neglected, but the past two days have found us getting back into it after the Vigo Fair put it on the back burner.

1. Lawn Mower – We have a Poulan weed wacker/saw/thingamajig plus we have donkeys. Does that count?
2. Continue WW – Ummm.
3. Emergency Preparedness – You would think after the month we’ve had that I would be doing this, but no. I suck.
4. Lose 3 pounds by next week. – It found me again.
5. Eat better than I have been. – I’m a failure.

1. WW
2. Lawn Mower
3. Emergency Preparedness
4. Lose Weight
5. Eat Better

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