Thursday, July 9, 2009

That's a wrap!

All of the bars that are dry are wrapped!  We are still waiting for honey, coffee, and oatmeal to dry.  The coffee and oatmeal should be dry enough to wrap tomorrow.  I am not sure about the honey.  It is taking a long time to dry.  It is also very dark probably due to the fact that I added a LOT more honey in this batch than the last batch.
I am excited about the fair.  We'll be setting up tomorrow and on Saturday after DTFM, I will be heading home while George and the children head to the fair for final analysis and final set up.  Due to church being in Indianapolis on Sunday, we will not be going and instead be going straight to the fair.  It starts at 10:00 so we are hoping to be there for 9:00 each morning.  A much more pleasant time than the 7:00 time for the DTFM.
At work tonight, things were actually fairly normal.  (For McDonald's.)  There was no outright weirdness which was nice.  I did give one of the managers a couple of bars of soap.  Her dad had died in a much similar fashion as my MIL and I remember the grief and having to cope.  (Granted I was coping with multiple deaths.)  So I gave her the bars as a reminder to take care of herself and take time out to be good to herself and pamper herself in her grief.  She is struggling and all I can do right now is pray for her.  I can't take the pain away or fix it and make it better.  
George stopped by with the children while I was working.  (When I saw L working, I called him to have him bring me a couple of bars.)  He let the children play for a while in the human habitrail while he drank coffee.  They had a blast, got to see Mommy at work, and had a chance to show off.  They think Mommy works at the Happiest Place of Earth.  I won't burst their bubble quite yet.  lol
The adjuster finally called and said the paperwork is done and it is up to the supervisor now.  he called at 9:00 tonight and offered no explaination as to what happened or why it took two weeks for him to do the paperwork or why no one was able to get a hold of him for several days or in any way acknowledged that anything was amiss in his dealings.  Definitely not what I would call professional.  But, things are slowly beginning to move forward.

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