Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is week two that it rained on us at the DTFM.  However, this is the first time we were ever chased away by the rain.  Mainly because along with the rain came dangerous lightening that I know hit the building next to us and set off all the alarms.  It also knocked out WTHI TV and radio.  How much we made in under two hours I don't know.  I do know that I was absolutely soaked.  Charlie was with us (the girls were with my SIL) and he was a bit freaked.  Understandably so since along with the pouring rain and the parking lot and street flooding, the wind, the thunder, and the lightening, he was probably concerned about the possibility of a tornado.    Granted, that was not a concern for us, but in his mind right now, bad storms mean tornadoes.

The winds were picking up before the storm hit and we had gotten a call while at the market that the tent we set up at the fair had blown over and into a building.  So, George had to go and put it back and tie it in place.  On the way back, the sky turned black and the rain came down in sheets.  Not even a build up to it.  Just a complete down pour.  We had Elena with us and it was her first time away from the herd.  Not a good experience for her, I am sure.

We came home and every inch of me was soaked.  George's feet stayed dry amazingly enough.  He had good shoes on.  I stripped down and changed into dry clothes and tried to take a nap.  But Charlie was bored so he kept kicking the couch and a fly kept buzzing me.  So I did not get much sleep.  George left after a while to go back to the fair to do more set-up and make sure things didn't get too wet.  He left me home so I could relax before getting ready for work.  Just as I get ready to make my salad and get myself changed into my uniform, the doorbell rings.  It is a couple of contractors to look at the damage now that we have the numbers for the storm damage.

This is also an interesting thing.  We were given a final number of around $20,000.  Then they depreciate it to $15,000.  So they will pay $15,000 and reimburse for the other $5,000 after the work is done.  This is not the deductible.  This is depreciation.  We do not have $5,000 laying around.  Hopefully, the contractors can work with us.  Because this is not good.  Although it does give us an idea of what we should have for an emergency fund for the future.

Anyway, the contractors showed up as I am starting to get ready for work so I called and said I was going to be late.  I couldn't leave them alone in the house and I was home alone.  So I had to wait for George to get back.  Thankfully, he called a few minutes later and I told him what was up.  He came straight home and I headed out.  Thank goodness they were not on the roof near my bathroom while I was getting changed.  (Skylights.)  In the end, I only ended up being two minutes late clocking in.  The hold up was I had to come back inside to get a couple of towels for the front seat of the van since it was (and still is) saturated.

At work tonight, I was in lobby and there was the cute little girl who looked to be just under two.  She was in the playroom with her siblings and she wanted her mom who was in line.  She ran to the door probably thinking she could push it open no problem and went face first into the door.  Poor thing.  It was comical and sad at the same time.

The rest of this week is going to be long.  Between working until 10:00 or 11:00 at night and working the fair during the day and dropping the girls off at my SIL's before heading into work, I am going to be very, very tired.  But the opportunities that are presented to us by being able to do this will be wonderful.  I do need to get with D to find out when she would like to keep the girls overnight this week.

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Lemon Balm said...

Don't you just *looooooove* the depriciation portion of insurance?? Though I'm not precisely sure how they determine depriciation on a roof. *rolls eyes*

Odds are the contractors will have no problem waiting on the last $5,000 - you have a reputible insurance company. Make sure you discuss it with the chosen one up front.