Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gearing Up

The Vigo County Fair is almost upon us and we have been working to make sure we have plenty of stock.  To date, I think we are done with actual bar soap making.  They have all been made and cut.  I have honey, oatmeal, and coffee in final drying.  Cinnamon got wrapped today.  More bottles got ordered.  Patchouli, tea tree, and plain are waiting to be wrapped.  The liquids are all made except for the honey and (more) coffee and (more) oatmeal.  I am trying to not stress, but we all know how I am.  I get anxious and wanting everything to be perfect, expect disaster, and it all turns out wonderful.  Just hand over the chocolate.  I'll be fine.  Just back up to where I was a few months ago.

As soon as the children settle down, I am going to wrap more soaps.  I did the dinner dishes and somewhat cleaned up the kitchen.  Charlie was supposed to do the dishes, but he did three plates and decided to use the sprayer to spray himself, Hannah, and the kitchen floor.  So, he went to bed.  I figure it was safer for him that way.  And the plates that he did do were slimey.  How that happened, I don't know.

I have laundry going right now.  I have a livingroom to clean.  And my life is still on hold.

 No one can get a hold of the guy that did our assessment.  Not my agent.  Not his immediate supervisor.  Not the supervisor of the area.  It's like he disappeared.  I'm going to call again tomorrow morning and find out if my paperwork is going to be handed off to someone else.  I was told that is what is going to happen if they can't get a hold of him.  Someone will take his notes and crunch the numbers.  Friday will be three weeks since the storms.  Today is eleven days since the guy was here.  I told my agent "I was very understanding.  This was a major storm.  I have gone from patient and understanding to slightly irritated to now I am angry and I don't like it.  My husband and I have gone from sleeping on couches to moving the girls in with their brother and us sleeping in their bed.  My children can not safely play outside without one of us out there with them at all times because it is too dangerous.  I would like my room back.  My girls would like their room back.  They would like to go outside and play.  I would like for them to go outside and play."

I have been assured that this is not the way things normally run with the insurance company.  My agent has been wonderful.  The company itself.  Well, I am less than impressed and am going to say that it is this one guy and hope he is not representative of the company as a whole.  I am concerned that something may have happened to him.  He said he was going home to his home state for the holiday.  Independence Day seems to bring out the drunks and idiots.  I don't know if he fell into one of those categories or if he became a victim of someone in one of those categories.

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