Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Pregnancy!

Snowball is NOT pregnant.  We took both donkeys to the vet and had them examined.  Snowball is not pregnant, the eyes of both donkeys are not infected.  But the underneath are in need of care.  Topical antibiotic and fly swat are needed and that will take care of it.

George is currently on the phone with a farrier to take care of the hooves.  They are still very bad.  Hopefully, the farrier will be able to come out in the next day or two, do a few cuttings, and then show us what to do.  Or, as it turns out, August 3 at 3:00pm is the soonest he can get here.  Crud.  I hate having them wait that long, but we are stuck.  But, they've gone this long.  

We picked up some new halters for the donkeys since the ones we got the day before are too big.  While I was at it, I also picked up halters for a couple of the goats.  I also picked up dewormer medicine and some fly spray.  So, we are on our way to healthy donkeys.

The vet used something called a "twitch" on the nose of Snowball so that she can do an internal and sonogram.  While interesting, it seemed cruel.  While not something I would have ever thought to use, with a donkey that kicks, it may be something that we might have to use.  We will see how trimming goes without it first before I resort to it.  I want the animals to trust us and know that we will not do anything to cause them harm.  But we will also protect ourselves from harm as well.  


Anonymous said...

make sure you get a twitch that's got a rope on the end that you tighten like a noose around the top lip. the metal clamp like ones can become quite dangerous if they toss their head. And it's not cruel they become dopey off the endorphins released.

The Wilkersons said...

Kim, I left you an email about two more farriers. Hope one of them works out for you. See you tomorrow night!


sasha said...

We use a fly spray called LD44Z from Orscheln on the cows. It's considered "safe" for dairy animals (not sure how true that is but anyway) so it shouldn't harm your goats. It does a great job getting rid of flies.