Monday, July 13, 2009

Live Blogging

Today is day two of the Vigo County Fair.  Yesterday was opening day and like yesterday and everyday except Wednesday, I leave here in the afternoon to go to work and leave everything in George's capable hands.  He is here until the fair closes at 10:00.  I take the girls with me and drop them off with my SIL when I leave here in the afternoon.  Except for today.  Today, my SIL is taking a friend of hers to a doctor's appointment.  So when I leave here today, I will be leaving all three children with George during the afternoon/evening hours which also happen to be the busiest times.  

Yesterday, there appears to have only been one theft and that was a bottle instead of a bar.  Theft bugs me.  But, I've had that rant here before so I won't go into it again.

WTWO interviewed me this morning about my stand and how soap is made.  George was not here.  He was getting coffee.  So here I am alone with three free-range children running in all directions as I am getting ready to be interviewed.  When asked how well I do with interviews, I think my response was "Uhhhh...."  And, while the camera was rolling, Bethany comes up to me sticking her middle finger up.  She had a boo-boo that needed kissed and wanted to be picked up.

Supposedly, this interview will be aired either tonight or tomorrow night at the 5:00/5:30 time slot.  We'll see how well it goes.

Anyway, this is a very busy, tiring week.  I just hope I survive it.  All I need is coffee.  Lots and lots and lots of coffee.

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Sasha said...

How cool is that! I'll make sure to check out the news this afternoon.