Monday, July 6, 2009

A day off? Hardly!

First, I would like to write a letter to a certain customer from last night.

Dear Customer,
While the customer may "always be right" that does not mean that the customer is not an idiot, is not rude, or does not need to take some serious Midol.
When you come through the drive-thru and order a sandwich special order in some strange fashion that defies all logic, expect some confusion.  Drive-thru is for your basic and some modified orders such as PLAIN cheeseburgers or a quarter pounder with EXTRA PICKLE.  For things beyond that, the logical thing to do is to come inside.  Logic also tell me that if you were capable of coming inside and cussing everyone out in sight, half throwing your messed-up sandwich at the employees, and criticizing everyone who works there, then you could have come in to place your order to begin with.

Asking for a cheeseburger with

None of which (except the cheese) comes on a cheeseburger, there is bound to be miscommunication.  And ordering a burger without the burger makes no logical sense.  If you are offended by meat, go across the street to Subway, get a veggies sub, and come on over to order a side of Mac Sauce.

And for crying out loude, do NOT place an insane order like that when the drive-thru is out to the highway (beyond the street the store is on) and has been for an hour and the lobby is backed up out the doors and into the playplace with the lobby due to close in 15  minutes so you can come in and have your temper tantrum and the busiest moment possible on the day of the fireworks and people drunk off their gourd from celebrating seeing the fireworks that got cancelled the previous night.

I realize that when the line for the drive-thru is backed up for a mile, it requires a bit of a wait.  I am also fully understanding that when you are young and dumb and like to show off to the driver and his girl friend and you and your girl friend have zero inhibitions (alcohol does that) telling me that you waited so long you got four blow jobs is not impressive.  I find it sad and lacking in the respect that you have for yourself, your girl friend, the others in the vehicle, and other people (me) you encounter.  Next time, keep your "accomplishments" to yourself.

Anyway, I had today off work and got a few things done.  The soaps got sliced for wrapping in the next week or so.  We are gearing up for a Friday set-up at the Vigo County Fair.  Paper has been bought to finish wrapping other soaps.  Liquid cinnamon and patchouli has been made.  The liquid tea tree oil is waiting to be made.  George did some wrapping earlier today and finished the liquids that got made.  They are just waiting to be poured.  He also did some labels.

The blueberry bushes got planted.  I have a Pink Champagne and a Liberty.  They have already been winterized here in Indiana so they should take very well.    Since I planted the bushes, I also did a bit of weeding and covered the area for further weed control.  I am wanting to get that front area cleaned up.  It is a mess.

I went to make mozzarella cheese today and it just is not coming out right.  I am thinking the citric acid is old.  Either that or it got contaminated some how with something.  Who knows.  Anyway, it is another batch ruined.

Then, I went into town to run a few errands.  I picked up the paper at one place, rabbit feed and canning jar lids at another, stopped by my SIL (she wasn't home), and went to The Evil Empire.  THAT was akin to a trip to the third ring of Hades.  The one across from where I work had a sale on folders with the metal tabs for three hole punch paper.  We use these to put together booklets for LLL tear out sheets to give out to pregnant and moms.  They are well received and offer a great amount of information in a very condensed spot.  A folder.  

So, I went to The Evil Empire on the south side of town and it was insane.  They did not have what I wanted.  When I was at Staples, I looked at what I wanted for price comparison at it was 49 cents.  Wal-mart had it for 25 cents.  Well, the one I went to not only didn't have it, but they had folders with the punch outs to go in a three ring binder for 77 cents and 97 cents.  Not what I was looking for and more expensive than Staples.  Go figure.

So, I went to Clinton to the Wal-mart there, found what I was looking for rather quickly and bought them out.  Apparently, they were getting rid of them.  So I got a good deal and some six year old kid in China (yes, they were made in China) probably lost his childhood making them.

Then, I went to the Wabash Valley Breastfeeding Coallition meeting tonight and the Vigo County Fair is going to have a Lactation Station.  While that is great, I am seeing that the medical community (which makes up the majority of the coalition) that IS breastfeeding friendly and trying to educate and raise awareness and the breastfeeding rates is in and of itself still very backward with their views when it comes to breastfeeding.  "Let's not offend" had been the most common thread through most of the discussion.

What IS offensive is a mother feeding her baby being harassed, forced to hide, or the whole thing being looked upon as something that the mother should be ashamed of while the rest of the community's delicate sensibilities get catered to.

I'm not going to rant, I am not going to rant, I am not going to rant.  Baby steps, Kim.  Baby steps. 

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Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Well, maybe we could look on the bright side of things . . . the mothers will have a lactating station to go to . . . hopefully, it will be comfortable (air-conditioned?)and peaceful enough to make it pleasant for mom and baby. yes?

The guy who got the four blowjobs . . . outstanding! Did you congratulate him? ha, ha, ha What an interesting job you have.