Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We have been blessed.  Even in the midst of the catastrophe that is our roof and our bedroom, we are still blessed.  We were kept safe and none of us had been hurt.  We still have a roof over our head for most of the house, we have food to eat, and we have a place to rest our heads.  In devastating economic times, I have a job when many don't.  I have a wonderful church and church family.  My husband got a bunch of new-used clothes for free that were handed to him by some church people.  One large bag was from a sister who got them from another person and most of those clothes fit.  Those that didn't, we will pass on.  Another large armful of clothes came from another sister who is going through her late husband's things.  Among the clothes from her were four suits.  A couple of pants have to be let out, but that is not a big deal.  We'll take them and a couple of his other suits to the cleaner tomorrow where they also do alterations.  They can also take in the suit pants of the suits he has that are too big.  (And hopefully get the insulation out of the one suit.)

Among other blessings, we have a new goat.  She came with the name Frenchie and we'll keep it.  She kidded back in April and she is two years old.  She is a great milker and she's beautiful.  She looks like Gi-gi with horns and ears.  She is an alpine.  She is also the most friendly goat I have seen.  When we went to pick her up in Paragon, we were told she was leash-trained.  Well, I know with my goats, leash-trained means they don't eat the leash as they are pulling in the other direction.  We pull in the driveway and the lady has this goat on a leash meant for a toy poodle and the goat is just standing there as calm as could be just looking around without a care in the world.  I get out of the truck, go over to her, and she just stood there as I pet her and rubbed my hands over her.  She nuzzled me a bit.  George picked her up and put her in the truck and she was ok with it.  She didn't balk in the least bit.  There was a little bit of my mind that thought that maybe she was give a calming medicine like "Show-ease" or something.  But, no.  She is still fine and affectionate and loves people.  She is getting along with the other goats very well and they seem to have accepted her with no problem.

Tomorrow, my MIL would be celebrating her 89th birthday.  As has been the tradition for the past few decades, all the family has come in from Ohio, Kentucky, and Utah to get together.  Only this year, MIL is not around.  So, I am sure tomorrow will be spent talking about her and different antics and stories about her and her life.  We'll be around for the morning part of it since I have to be at work at 3:00 which is earlier than usual for me. 

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