Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Update

ELECTRICITY: Please tell me I am reading this wrong. Please? Pretty please? How on earth did this get this high? I am just going to crawl into a hole and pretend I didn’t see this.
Meter reading: 75985
Usage: 956kwh
Percentage: 453%

IDC: Well, we still have not heard from the insurance company about the repairs that need done, so we kicked the girls out of their room a couple of nights ago and they sleep in Charlie’s room while we sleep in their room. They think of it as a huge camping experience. I guess it is true that survival of a catastrophe is more mental than anything else. And when you are a child pretty much anything beyond the immediate is looked at as an adventure rather than a displacement.

GARBAGE: We are burning garbage right now. None of what was destroyed. But regular garbage. Not my first choice in terms of getting rid of garbage, but it beats wild animals. 

GASOLINE: I know the truck got filled. I need to start keeping closer track of this.

MONEY: We looked up the Dave Ramesy budgeting and it is similar to things we have talked about. Now, it is a matter of doing it. We have a plan in place and now we need to implement it.

HOMESTEAD: We have a new goat named Frenchie and she is very affectionate. She follows you around like a puppy dog. It’s cute.
The cat is favoring her front right paw. I didn’t see anything and I couldn’t feel anything so I am guessing she got it caught. She wasn’t in a fight or anything. No other injuries.
The broodie hen is still sitting. I lost count of the number of eggs she is sitting on, but it is more than fits under her and she is our “Fat Hen.”

HOMESCHOOL: Charlie is learning to type and save on the computer. He still writes Old Testament and has started typing New Testament.

1. Lawn Mower – Still need to measure for the blade.
2. Weight Watchers – Went to a meeting today for the first time in a month and lost three pounds since the last meeting.
3. No fast food – This is a joke.
4. Lose 5 pounds – Yeah, right.
5. Assess our emergency plans and implement drills – I need to be home long enough to do this.

1. Lawn Mower
2. Continue WW
3. Emergency Preparedness
4. Lose 3 pounds by next week.
5. Eat better than I have been.

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