Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekly Schedule

I have had several people ask me when I sleep.  So, I am sharing my weekly schedule.  Work hours are no earlier than 4:00 and no later than midnight.  So, I will just put 4-12 even though some days I may get off at 11:00 or not go in until 5:00.

Sunday:  Church - Work from 4-12

Monday:  Help a friend from 8am-10am then work from 4-12

Tuesday:  Homeschool Science from 10-11.  Work from 4-12

Wednesday:  Church from 7:30-9:00pm

Thursday:  US Geography from 11am - 12noon  Work from 4-12

Friday:  Help friend fromm 8-10.  Work from 4-12

Saturday:  DTFM 7-1 (set up and take down time)  Work from 4-12

On the days when homeschool is not listed, it is still going on.  The third Tuesday is a LLL meeting and the first Monday is Wabash Valley Breastfeeding Coalition.

It really isn't that bad.  Wednesday is a guaranteed day off and I still have plenty of time to get things done during the day.  I am going to go to WW in the morning on Mondays when I am done helping a friend out.  So, that is not getting dropped.  Just changed.  All in all, it is not that bad.

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