Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life is still going on

I worked last night.  It was a "McNight" which means it was a fund raiser night.  Basically, different organizations go in (reserved ahead of time) and volunteer from 5pm to 8pm doing things like wiping tables, putting liners on trays, passing food through the drive-thru window, and holding the door open for people.  They hold buckets to collect donations in plus they get 20% of sales during those hours.

It is a lot of fun and the people are wonderful.  I also got another glimpse last night about how wonderful some of the people are that I work with and work under.  Normally, they don't do fund raisers for individuals, but last night they did.  Why?  Because the young lady they did it for is one of their own.  This young lady was going to college (or was it high school???) and went on an overseas trip as part of her learning and contracted meningitis.  She has lupus and the meningitis hit her hard.  She recovered from that, but lost both of her legs.  She was still considered an employee there up until that point.  She still wants to come back and work the middle drive-thru window.  That is her goal.  She has prosthetic legs, but still struggles and still has astronomical medical bills.  (The reason for the fund raiser.)  But meeting her, I can see the humor and love of life shining and how people just adore her.

I had asked W if she knew the girl they were having the fund raiser for and that was when I learned everything that happened.  It also explained why everyone who worked there knew her.

Today, I had a meeting with one of the LLL leaders and a soon-to-be leader applicant.  (She will be an applicant when the whole shifting Indiana from one location to another gets ironed out.)  We discussed the LLL table and also talked about the Wabash Valley Breastfeeding Coalition that meets every month on the first Monday.  I will need to talk with the store manager about making sure I get that night off.

The rest of the soaps got wrapped (thank you, Husband) and I am working on the liquid soaps.  This Saturday is opening day and I am getting nervous.  I need to find out of C will be at the market.  I don't remember.  I know that D is not going to be able to help with Hopped Homestead.  D and M both are not going to be able to help with the LLL table.  So if C is not going to make it, that leaves just me and I was (selfishly) wanting the first day to be with Hoppes Homestead.  But since the two tables WILL be together (they will, darn it!) I can do both.  I know Hubby will be there working the HH table.  But I wanted to as well.  Oh, well.

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