Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday was a very long day.  We went to church in Danville and had a wonderful time.  We watched a mini video about the summer camp that Charlie goes to and what it's about.  After we came home, I had to quickly change and head to work where I am still being treated with hostility due to the fact that I don't give into temper tantrums given by others.

I had lobby duty (which is normal for me) and part of my responsibilities is keeping the bathrooms clean.  Well, in cleaning the men's room (you all are disgusting in general, but this takes the cake) I make it a habit of taking out the plastic triangle that sits in the urinal (those things don't flush very well to begin with as a general rule) and clean it before putting it back.  It keeps the urine smell to a minimum.  Well, yesterday in cleaning it, there was this giant slimey glob.  Recognition was immediate.  I was washing someone's semen from the urinal and the plastic thing that goes in it.  I flushed and flushed and flushed and it just spun around and floated in the tablespoon of water that sits in the urinal.  Saying a quick prayer of thanks for gloves, I reached in and scooped it out and promptly rinsed it down the sink.  Then turning to the plastic triangle, I gave that a good scrubbing.

I figure one of two things were going on here with this "gentleman."  Either his hands got so greasy from eating the fries he didn't want all that grease to go to waste or he took the slogan "I'm Lovin' It" a bit too far.


Lemon Balm said...

Okay, that is just naaaaaaasty!!! Seriously? That dude was a two-pump to say the least, or it was *really* slow in your area.

Did I mention: blech????


Anonymous said...

Maybe he thought you were hot.

RT said...


I hope you don't have to work that job for long. Hang in there. God will reward you. :)

(I used to work jobs like that and I have recently been quite grateful for God's movement in my life over the years.)