Saturday, June 27, 2009

Successes and losers

Thanks to the news coverage we received from our local paper, we had an increase of business at the DTFM today.  If McDonald's paid on a weekly basis, what we made today at market would be equivalent to a one week pay check.  That is the good news.

The bad news is there are thieves.  I knew theft was going on but I had no concrete proof.  Just a feeling judging by the way some people acted and interacted.  Today, I inventoried before the start of market and again after.  Then I did the math when I got home.  What I made in sales and what was gone are two different numbers.  Monetarily speaking, we are missing the equivalent of 17 bars of soap.  Now I like to believe the best in people.  People as a rule are generally honest.  They tell the truth.  They don't steal.  But there are a few.  And I have met them.  So, there are going to be a few changes not just with the set up, but with how we do things.  For starters, everyone gets a receipt.  Even if they don't want one.  If they balk at it, well we will just tell them that it is for our records.  And it is.  Also, the shelves will have backing and sides on it so people can't just take as they walk by.

We are also going to put a sign up.  "Theft will be prosecuted."  While I am sure the DA and the police here have better things to do than arrest someone over a $4.00 bar of soap, the fact is it is theft and theft is illegal.  We work hard to make these soaps and we want for people to enjoy them.  But be honest and actually buy it.  If you want one and can't afford to spend the $4.00, talk to me.  I barter!  It is not a big deal to me to barter a bar of soap.  Just don't steal from me or my family.

K said she is going to be gone the next couple of weeks, but when she gets back she wants to sit back and watch and see what she can see.  It should be interesting.  D asked me what she should do when she sees someone steal.

Ask "Are you going to pay for that now or would you like to pay for it later?"  I didn't get to the argumentative/denial part.  But if someone denies it, then call the police.  I am not going to put up with theft.  If it were food, I could almost justify it in my head as trying to feed themselves or feed their family.  They've fallen on hard times or lost their job, etc.  But this is soap.  Soap!  It is a luxury item.  It's not some cheap bar that you can get for less than $1.00 somewhere.  This is goat milk soap.  Hard work, time, and effort go into it.  We put ourselves into the soap.  Some of our principles are portrayed in how we make the soap.  (Keep it local, keep it simple.)

Don't steal from my family.


Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

17 bars!?! That's a LOT! You don't suppose some of them thought that they were the free samples? I know there are theives out there, but that just is so hard to believe -- what is this town/the world coming to?

Well, we can only hope they really needed that soap.

At the food pantry where MK and I volunteer, we have people who try to cheat the system. They are being given free food, and they cheat to get more!

I was told that some will take the free food, then go sell it for money for booze, cigarettes, and drugs.

Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Sadly there will always be dishonest people in the world. When I did our local craft fairs, people used to steal our jellies & handcrafted items. It's sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim that sucks!

Is there anyway you can put some display out and keep the rest of the stock under the table or in boxes?