Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ok, Ok. I'm blogging!


Yet, another Friday went by without a Friday Update.  I will have to do a mini update of sorts tomorrow then a more thorough one Friday.  I have also noticed that I have not done a Weigh Day in a while either.  This ain't good.  My life has gotten so full that I don't have time to reflect much on it or even really process it.  And, it is going to get busier.

My "part time" job is running around 36 hours a week which is fine.  Except the people I work with cuss like drunken sailors and those who are supposed to enforce the rules lead by example on how to break them.  I'm just biding my time.  There is one manager that does nothing but yell at people.  I bite my tongue.  A lot.  It probably looks like swiss cheese by now.

The customers that come through fall into three groups.  Correctional officers, EMTs, security officers, and local employees getting on/off shift.  Cops.  Drunks, people who look like they've done more experiments with drugs on themselves than the FDA has done total in the past decade, meth users.  And, finally, people who can't seem to understand the concept of basic safety.  Such as put the baby in a car seat.  Don't be piling 10 children in the back of a little 5-seater car.  A toddler on the front passenger floor between the mother's legs does NOT constitute a safety seat.

Granted, there are the exceptions with the late night customer group.  There are the normal people who come through and those with children have them buckled in properly in car seats, seat belts, and the parents don't look like they've been scraping at their face with a rusted razor, looking at me with vacant eyes, and having a difficult time putting together a single syllable word.

There's a cop who comes through who is a regular and I am very thankful for him.  He comes through the drive-thru and always takes the time to chat for a minute or two to see what's up.  He has also scattered people from the parking lot late at night without ever having been called.  He knows what time the late night employees leave and he also knows that those that leave late at night, while mostly men, there are the one or two women who are walking out alone.  (Including me.)  So when he is working, he comes through and does a scatter shortly before it is time for some of us to leave.  How long he has been doing this or what started it, I don't know.  But, I am thankful for it.

On the homeschooling front, I am going to drop the Wild Edibles and US Geography.  My plate is too full and while I would love to continue them for the homeschool group, it is not possible for me at this time.  Not with everything else going on.

On the homestead front, things are going very well.  No recent deaths.  No surprise births.  Everyone seems to be healthy and growing.  One of the hens has become broody so we are letting her sit.  The chicks are getting nice and bit.  We are planning to get more fencing and instead of putting it over the top of their area, just make it higher so they can't fly over.  Then, maybe I can plant a fall harvest garden.  (Stupid chickens.)

Market day was wonderful.  Last week, we took Grace.  This past Saturday, we took both Gus and Grace.  Getting them used to people seems to be going well.  In terms of sales, we made $4.00 less this week than last week, so we more than made back the cost of the season.  We have started a "Soap Of The Month" where a certain kind (currently oatmeal) is available at a lower price.  The normal prices are as follows:
Bar:  $4.00
Liquid:  $6.00
Bulk Liquid:  $28.00  (This is a quart-sized mason jar.)

Soap of the month prices:
Bar:  $3.00
Liquid:  $5.00
Bulk Liquid:  $25.00

I am not sure how that would work on the website, but I know that Hubby can take care of that.  Probably with another paypal button.

I am hoping that the featured soap (along with it being the "Soap of the Month" we share the benefits of that particular scent) will work its way into a "Soap of the Month Club" type thing by Christmas so people would be able to buy this as a gift and each month, we would ship out a liquid and a bar in a nice basket with a poof thing and a note sharing what kind of soap they got this month and the qualities/benefits of the soap.

Again, this is something we are working towards.

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