Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day Off!

Well, tomorrow is my day off.  And, technically since tomorrow will be here in 15 minutes, I will start celebrating now.  I am celebrating by blogging.  

Today, I went to work late.  I told them I would most likely be late, but would do my best to be on time.  Hosting/leading a LLL meeting, I was not about to brush anyone aside after the meeting who had questions and I was not going to go rushing up SR63 to try to get to work.  Could you imagine that ticket?

"Gee, Officer.  I'm sorry I was doing 90mph in a 60mph zone.  I was in a hurry to get to McDonald's."

I'm sure that would go over well.

Anyway, as it turns out, I did have a mom with a few questions/concerns that she wanted to run by me and I took the time needed to assure her that she and her baby are on the right track and gave a few suggestions to a couple of other questions she had.  

M had to leave right away and C booked it out of there so I had to make multiple trips to load the van back up.  (I had to make multiple trips to unload as well.)  A offered to help, but she had her baby in a sling so I didn't accept it.  The stuff is heavy and bulky.  Hopefully, by next month, I will be able to use the wagon.

Anyway, after talking with the mom, loading the van, and driving down a rainy, slick road, I made it to work at 5:37pm.  So, I will make sure that on the 3rd Tuesday of the month I am not scheduled to go to work until 6:00pm

The dryer is now broken so we are now reliant 100% on the line with no back-up dryer.  

There is milk building up in the fridge again so I need to make cheese.  I'll make mozzarella and we'll have pizza tomorrow night.  (Note to self.  This also means making dough.)

I need to get back into Weight Watchers before I start going backwards.  Right now, I am bouncing up and down 3-4 pounds.

And, I just now found out that the Dyson is broken.  Charlie was vacuuming and dropped the vacuum.  Not his fault, but still annoying.  On that note, I am going to bed and going to dream sweet dreams of a duct-taped Dyson.

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