Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I started a blog entry

Then I lost it. So, I am starting another one. The blog entry I started was about the blog entries I started but never finished. Including the Friday Update one that I started on Tuesday thinking Tuesday was Friday.

Boy, I am losing my mind.

I think I ticked off people at work because I don't fall into the clicks, gossip, or cussing or any of that. I am annoyed at them because I have been asking for training on a couple of things and keep getting brushed aside. So, I am going in tomorrow for training on the front counter. I am going in on my day off and a manager who usually only works the McNights is going to take the time to train me. All because I want to work and not play games, not cuss, not pull any of the crap that people pull.

I try to get along and enjoy my job.

On the home front, you can tell I am working. George does a wonderful job and I know if he didn't do what he is capable of, the house would be a complete disaster. That said, I can see stuff piling up. I spent a good portion of the day today on laundry.

The plain and lemon balm soaps have been taken out of their molds and should be ready for cutting tomorrow for final drying. I'll also take the time after that to make the liquids. I am going to make a mini-batch of honey tomorrow for liquid honey soap.

I went to the WIC office today and spoke with the breastfeeding counselor in charge there and we talked for close to an hour about outreach, education and working together to help nursing moms continue to nurse and moms who are expecting choose nursing.

Charlie has final approval to go to camp. He got a tetanus shot today and is good for the next ten years. It is the only vaccine we do because we have dealt with tetanus on this farm. Charlie did much better than expected with the shot. He still freaked out, but it was easier to handle since we were doing an input rather than an output. (Just try getting a blood draw on him. Short of full sedation, it is near impossible.)

Working, outreach, leadership stuff, church, home, and business. Other than that, there really isn't much going on.


Wyatt Earp said...

Forget the cliques and the nonsense. Go in, do what needs to be done, and go home. You'll never feel badly about yourself if you do that.

Anonymous said...

Woman?! Friday update, please! And market report, too!