Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brief Update

We discovered what killed the rabbit.  Apparently domesticated rabbits (meat, fur, pet, competition, etc) are so far removed from their wild cousins that they basically need air conditioning.  It is not enough to have food, water, shade.  They need ice bottles to snuggle up to and a climate controlled environment.  This goes against what we try to achieve.  Allowing the animals to live in a natural environment where they can free-range as much as possible, have ample food, water, and shade, and enjoy life.  Not live in a confined environment.  Apparently, domesticated rabbits also do not do well as a colony.  Which, again, goes against what we try to do.  Individual cages in air conditioning is not free-range.  So, rabbits are on hold for now until we figure something out.  

The chickens, however, are having a bit too much free-range.  They ate my lettuce again and are giving themselves dust baths in my lettuce bed.  I am eyeing them for the stock pot.  Just go one day without laying and see what happens.  Revenge is a dish best served with mashed potatoes and gravy.

I worked tonight while in considerable pain.  My stupid sciatic nerve decided to give me fits.  While I am sure there were some people annoyed when I said "I can't walk or bend, but keep me in this spot and I will be fine" they worked around my limitations.  I worked drive-thru passing out food.  I did very little stocking and running.  I did absolutely no iced-tea.  That drove me nuts.  I like to stock my own stuff and spend slow moments doing things like making and filling iced tea, doing dishes, and basically doing my job.  I don't like not being able to do these things.  But, tonight, I stayed put and did what I could while in a lot of pain.

People are goofs on night shift.  They throw things at each other in fun and make like they are going to hit or kick each other.  Granted, they are just playing, but it is strange to see.  Even the managers get involved.  One of the crew asked me if I was "One of those people who don't cuss."  I told her that I don't cuss.  I also told her what I told my (now) seven year old.  "People who cuss are just expressing their lack of intelligence."  She had said that she cusses like a sailor (I bit my tongue) that she knows it offends K, but she can't help it.  Yet, she tries to watch herself around her 5 month old.

That tells me that she can help it since she is not only aware, but aware enough to try to stop for her child.  She just doesn't have the respect for herself or others to stop for them.  She chooses to continue.  Granted, I did not say any of this to her.  She was too busy trying to justify something that she obviously knew was wrong and was not willing to hear differently.  If she didn't know it was wrong, she would have never even brought it up.

What did bring it up was when I said "Crap" when I bent over to grab a sleeve of cups and had a hard time getting back up.  "Crap" is my BIG BAD WORD.

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Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Crap is my favorite word!

Our bunnies have lived for years without air-conditioning.

They live in the shade, and so far, I've only had to use the ice bottles when it was over 100 degrees and about equal humidity. Ellie is over ten years old.

The used to be "free range" in our backyard until they built a nice burrow under our garage which caved in a nice big hole in the garage floor!