Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Day of Market!

Today was opening day of market and we did very well.  We almost made enough the first day to cover the cost of the market.  I should be napping since I have to be at work in a couple of hours, but I am still keyed up even though I am exhausted.  

I left work early last night because of Hannah having gotten sick at my SIL.  My SIL gave them fettuccini alfredo and she thickened the sauce with powdered milk and coffee creamer and threw something else in it.  It does not sound very good to me.  That's for sure.

I picked up the truck magnets and the banner when I left work (they were supposed to have been dropped off at work, but since I was not there, I decided to go get them) and they turned out really nice.  I am very impressed.

Hannah is doing fine today.  SIL had said that Hannah had a lump on the back of her neck, but I couldn't find it.  It may have been a reaction to what she had or it was just a swollen gland that went down.  I don't know.

We had a lot of people stop at our stand and asked a lot of questions.  We had Grace with us and having a baby goat definitely drew people.  I had a lot of fun and even bartered for a quart of strawberries which Hannah promptly claimed as her own the minute she saw them.  She grabbed them, sat down, and went to town.  She polished them off all on her own the minute she laid eyes on them.

The other thing I bartered was two cabbage plants and a tomato plant for a bar of soap.  The tomato plant was transplanted immediately when we got home.  The cabbages still need to be transplanted.

The table for La Leche League had quite a few people stop by, but not a whole lot of donations.  The donations are secondary to the education and awareness that we want to raise.  We had one lady that had stopped by and she had mentioned that she went to LLL meetings back in the 70s when her now grown children were babies.  

We definitely need to do something about the paper.  I did put bars of soap on papers for LLL to keep them from blowing away.  But we need something better for next week.

I am very thankful we did this and I am very thankful that the first day is over.  I know I will not be the nervous wreck I was when next Saturday rolls around.


Sasha said...

That's really great about the farmer's market. We have some friends there--Perry and Beverly--and they had a really good day at their table as well.

Wyatt Earp said...

Can you send me some corn dogs? :)