Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Update

And on a Friday no less!  How about that?

ELECTRICITY: This is going to be an interesting reading. When was the last time I did an actual Friday Update? Hmmm. May 29, 2009. It has been three weeks. So, in three weeks, I have used 1172kw of electricity. Let’s see how that averages out.
Meter reading: 75029
Usage: 1172kwh
Average per day use: 56kwh
Percentage: 186%
Apparently, it went down a little bit. So running myself ragged is good for the meter. Interesting. Although I do wonder how it would look now compared to say two weeks ago with the AC running full strength now and a couple of weeks ago with it not running or maybe not running as much. We’ll see how it works out. 

IDC: Last time I did a Friday Update, I shared about how wonderful our garden was doing and how things were growing so wonderfully.  
About that….
The lettuce is gone. The carrots are gone. The green beans and cucumbers appear to be growing, but we will see if the chickens leave the actual vegetables and flowers alone.
I do have a wonderful indoor tomato plant and some other plants I am going to plant inside. I am doing indoor container gardening this year apparently.

GARBAGE: I took five bags into town a couple of days ago. I don’t remember when I took garbage in before then. I do know we haven’t been recycling which isn’t good.

GASOLINE: I have been using a lot more gas since I am working and the person I take care of is now in a nursing home. I still go to see her to give her some continuity. She is more than twice the distance that she was before. But she is more than worth the time and gas it takes to see her.

When we get it, we spend it. It has been horrible these past couple of weeks. Now that we are settling into the new routine of me working, hopefully the whole drive-thru and take-out stuff will be a thing of the past.

HOMESTEAD: We’ve been taking Gus and Grace to the DTFM on Saturday mornings to get them socialized. The people love it and the goats are getting used to it. As long as I have water and feed with me, they are happy. They are happiest when they are together. We brought Grace alone the first time and when we brought Gus along the second time to be with Grace, it was much better.

HOMESCHOOL: I know that Charlie has been doing school work. I know Bethany has as well, but I have no idea what it is beyond the basics. I know Husband has been doing a wonderful job keeping them on task.

1. Fill soap dispensers – DONE. Now, we have more to fill.
2. Finish wrapping the soaps – DONE. Now, we have more to wrap.
3. Mow the grass – The lawnmower is broken and the reel mower will not go through the tall grass. The backyard is mostly clover, so even though it is not mowed, it does not look too bad. The front on the other hand is a different story.
4. Clean the basement – DONE. Somewhat. The leak is fixed (Thank you, Husband) and the toy room can be played in again.
5. Clean the garage – Well. The van can still fit in there.

1. Get a working lawn mower. Either replace the blade on the push or get a riding. I am going to combine my next two checks to (hopefully) get a riding lawnmower for my husband. While this is not a “Done by this time next week” goal, it is still a goal of mine.
2. Get back into Weight Watchers. I have not been to a meeting in a couple of weeks. I went to one since I started working. The truth is I am afraid to go to a weigh-in because I know I have been bouncing around the same five pounds and it is embarrassing. I have been making poor choices and it is showing on the scale.  
3. Get fly sticks. We have a couple, but we need a lot more. Both for the garage and the shop. (Not to mention the house.)
4. No drive-thru or fast food of any kind. I can’t keep eating on the run like I have been.
5. Lose 5 pounds by this time next week.

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