Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another mini update

At work, it looks like I am going to be primarily a lobby person which works for me.  I like interacting with the customers and I can avoid a lot of the garbage I hear from the employees.  When a manager is sharing with a customer in the drive-thru about a crew member (due to the customer asking why the crew member looked familiar) saying "Because she's the biggest whore around" I find that to be completely and totally inappropriate at best.  Then others gleefully telling me about another person who is bulimic and if you want to make her mad, what to say.  And how did they find out?  The person shared with another crew member who told the store manager.  Then proceeded to spread it around.  If this girl told someone, it was for help.  Not to be torn down either to her face or behind her back.  I chewed my tongue to bits.  I keep praying to behave and respond the way God would want me to.  

As frustrating as this place is (the people, not the job) it is a good reminder of the type of people in the world who desperately need help.  And all I can do is be the living example that God would have me to be.  A light that shines in a dark place.  I just need to be careful to not let them extinguish the light.

A friend of mine that I have been taken care of has been placed in a nursing home.  She is in a very nice nursing home.  I am very impressed with it and with what I have seen from the people so far.  I stayed with her for the transfer and stayed at the nursing home with her all afternoon so she wouldn't be alone on her first day.  God has definitely taken care of her.  

The girls have missed me a lot.  I plan on spending time with them tomorrow.  I'm sure Charlie misses me as well, but he isn't as clingy and attached as the girls still are.


Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

I HATE working with people -- one of the reasons why I am a work-at-home mom.

RT said...

It is very hard to maintain a good witness sometimes, especially when folks where you thin. The morals and views on God are so gut-wrenching sometimes (where I work) that I get very discouraged. However, I feel it is where God wants me. I am taking the place of another who might not be a light, even if I am a rather dim one at times.

Sometimes I think that's where Christians have failed our society. They tend to run and hide, rather than facing the ills and trying to show another way. To be honest, it is something that has been in my head since I was in sixth grade, as a Christian school student. What if the Christians stayed in the public schools and were more of a force? (Not a knock at the choices you've made by any means.)

That's why I stay. I pray for my students and it has been amazing to see some of the answered prayer, even when I have prayed for kids who have struggled with my content area or who were trying to do really well. I've even had a former student come to know Christ, become a missionary, and is now in seminary.

Amazing and so encouraging.

I hope that you find some encouragement at work. Perhaps somehow taking that girl under your wings as someone who has been in her shoes might happen after a while.

Hang in there. :)