Saturday, July 23, 2011

Only have a few minutes

I only have a few minutes here for battery life, so I am going to do a very quick update.

There was a couple of days this past week when we thought the truck was going to be repossessed.  I had the paperwork in hand stating the deal we made with the bank which would, in the end, have the truck paid off SIX MONTHS ahead of time.  (I thought is was longer, but apparently not.)  However, someone forgot to talk to someone else who forgot to tell the repo guy don't bother.  When the repo guy called, he wanted directions to my home to get the truck.  Uh, do you really think I am going to willingly give you directions?

Anyway, I called the bank the next morning, spoke with the head of collections, and she quickly sorted it out.  I called the repo guy back and he told me he got the message.  I told him "I need to hear you say you are not going to come and get my truck."  He did.  So, I'm happy.

We met with someone who is going to get us in bees next year.  I am looking forward to this.  Not just for the honey, which will be amazing, but for the wax aspect of it so I can start making my own balms and ointments.  There have been a few things I want to make - am capable of making - but I need bees wax.

We have a family of 8 coming to visit us next week (in less than a week) and I am excited.  I am looking forward to them coming for the weekend and hope they have fun while they are here.

Husband is just about done with the lofts and the roof between them.  There is a skylight in the roof now and it makes a HUGE difference.  I have been worried about him working in this heat, but he has been taking it super slow and taking lots of breaks and staying hydrated.  I like the look of the roof so much that I jumped at Husband's idea of extending the line to the front of the house.  I don't know if I want that first or the add-on first. 

Anyway, the battery is going to beep here in a minute so I am going to sign off.

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