Monday, July 18, 2011

I forgot to share!

Friday was a meeting for the auxiliary for the fire department.  There's been some brew-haha over a bunch of stuff and I wanted to know what was going on.  After finding out everything and being asked if I would be willing to step in (I made my opinion known) and take over, I said no.  That's right.  I said NO to taking over and keeping going this organization that has great potential and ability to do wonderful things for the community.  It ended up folding.  Hopefully at some future date, it will restart, but as of now, there is no more auxiliary.  I said NO.  I almost said yes.  But when would I have the time?

More of the roof got worked on today.  Charlie was up there helping.  He said "It's so hot, I can feel it through my shoes."  He also got an object lesson of "Listen to your mother" today.  He was hot and thirsty and instead of sipping water, he chugged it.  And promptly vomited it. 

The roof will hopefully be done in a few days making the girls' rooms one large room.  The solar panel will be put up and a sky light will be put in which will bring a lot of light into the house. 

I did two large and one small load of laundry by hand today and I have to say (and I know I've said this before) that the clothes are actually coming out cleaner than going to the laundromat.  Tomorrow, I will be doing more laundry.

Got a phone call today which made me very happy.  My van had broken down last week.  A part that we had saved up money for to get replaced new had broken.  It was a part that was close to $300 not counting labor.  Brand new replaced a couple of months back.  It broke.  I was rip roaring angry.  It got towed to where I had it replaced and said "Make this right."

The auto parts store where they got the part from paid for a replacement part and is paying for labor (faulty part) and the only cost on my part is the towing.  I was allowed to pick my van up this afternoon and can pay the towing bill (they paid the towing and I pay them back) next week.  I am very happy and very thankful. 

Now if I can just convince the children to not wake me up at 6:30am after doing a 1:00am emergency call.  I have been very tired today.

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