Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am exhausted.  Yesterday was farmers' market and it was a bust.  I made no money.  I would have been totally miserable except that there was a lovely couple who was next to me who I also happen to be friends with.  We had a wonderful day hanging out and talking about everything under the sun.

After packing up, I joined my husband who is collecting salvaged material from a closed down bar that is being converted into a restaurant.  Five minutes after getting there, I get called out on a first responder call.

After the call, I head back and help finish up.  We get back and both of us are just too tired to unpack.  So, we leave the truck loaded and agree to take the van to the firehouses today for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.  A lot got cleaned out and an old truck got stripped and is retired.  It was kind of sad to see "Big Red" without the lights, hoses, pump, etc.  But, she is past ready for retirement.  A truck that had not been working is now back in service.  I now have to have a conversation with Hannah about how a white firetruck is just as good as a red one.  (We had a similar conversation about yellow trucks.)

Anyway, I got good and grimy.  I have to climb onto the truck and just about sit on the engine block to check the belts, fluids, hoses, etc.  We also put the children to work.  Charlie sweeps the bays and the girls walk around picking up bits of trash and cigarette butts.  They get a penny per butt.  Everyone works.

When we went to the main station, I left Husband and came home to drop some stuff off and was going to head back, but I ended up with a flat.  On the bright side, it happened in front of the house so I was not left stranded.  On the not so bright side, I had his phone as well as mine.  So, I had to unload the truck from last night (very heavy load with lots of wood and sheet metal) before we could head back.

On another good note, I have frames for next year's raised beds.  Well, some of the framing.  I am going to need more.  Lots and lots more.  But, we have a good start.

Tomorrow, we will be picking up more materials and sorting through stuff hopefully getting the leanto for the animals set up.  While that is being done, we have to get water.  The 20 minute torrential downpour we had Thursday did not hit here.  It dumped just past us.  (It dumped where I was driving.)

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