Saturday, June 4, 2011

WOW! I'm a slacker!

I could have sworn I updated my blog about Bethany.  I know I texted a bunch of people as well as updated my facebook, but I guess I forgot to blog.  Or maybe I should say I have not had the time to blog.

Anyway, Bethany is fine.  She needs to be more active to burn sugar or she will have high fastings, but her A1c is fine and when she is active the day before, her morning fasting is fine.  So while there is a chance she may become diabetic, she is not now and as long as she remains active, she won't be.

On the home front, the livingroom is almost done.  I am so excited about it.  It will be big enough for the television, futon, wii, rocking chair, and should we decide to get one of those "wrap around" couches in the future, we can swap out the futon with it.  The VHS tapes are going to go on shelves that Husband will put on the wall.  He will do like he did in the kitchen and have them between the studs.  They will be a "natural" insulation.  In the winter, we will have curtains over the shelves of books and tapes.

There was a funny situation with the hardware store.  I had asked for 40' of aluminum screen.  (It's the cheapest and doesn't rust.)  This is for windows, rain barrels, and doors.  Well, it was measured out, cut, and brought to the register.  We left without it yesterday.  I go in today and it had gone with someone else.  Not only did we forget to pay for it, someone else bought it and brought it home without having ever asked for it.  Weird.  So, 40' had to be measured again and since we weren't shopping for other stuff, we didn't have to worry about it getting forgotten behind the counter.

We went to a few yardsales today on our way to get water and found some good deals.  We found a votive candle holder that we are going to use in the bathroom so we can have relaxing light when we (adults) take a bath.  We also got 13 books of which are 10 Disney for the children, one on quantum theory for me, an herbal medical book for reference, and a murder mystery.  Husband thought the one on quantum theory was for Charlie.  While Charlie might be interested in it in a few years, I don't think he would grasp some of the concepts right this minute.  Although he is free to read it anytime he wants.  Hannah found herself a pair of shoes, we got a couple of boxes of crayons, a set of wire shelves, and something else.  All in all, we spent less than $20 and got some really good finds.

Charlie was complaining about his stomach hurting when we got up and followed it up with him complaining of being hungry.  I didn't think much of it.  He had two helping of breakfast and we went on our way.  As we are out, he was looking more and more limp.  Then he starts saying he has to throw up.  We're going down the road with no place to pull over during one of the busiest times of the year in this area.  (Village wide yard sale.)  So, the window gets rolled down and he is sticking half his body out the window as we are going down the road at 55mph and he is vomiting.  When we get over the bridge, we pull over so he can finish in peace and his face is just covered with his breakfast and stomach bile.  I felt so bad for him.

We get home and I have him lay down on our bed with a fan on him and I take his temp.  100.5.  Poor kid.

In other news, we did have to haul water today for the first time in weeks.  We definitely need more tanks.  We will be getting more water on Monday.  We have lots of plans we are working on around the house.  One is the hot water tank.  We've decided where it is going so we just need to put the stand there.  The other is the outdoor kitchen.  We have metal corner frames that are pretty.  We're going to set those up, screen the whole thing in, and have a set up outside so we don't have to heat up the house to cook.  We use the barbecue grill to cook on.  It's not just for burgers.  Put a cast iron skillet on it and we grill up vegetables, make pancakes, put on a pot for soup, and basically use it as we would a cook top stove.  It works out really nice like this.  We want to make picnic tables and have some chairs set up so we can relax out there.  We need to bring in more cedar chips to make the area look nicer, but we'll hold off on that until it is up, screened in, and the animals are not in it.

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