Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long, busy day

Today, we got up early to meet someone to go blueberry picking with.  At $9.00 a gallon (half the price of anywhere else) we jumped at the opportunity.  However, miscommunication had us miss each other.  But, we went anyway.

I thought we were meeting at 8:00 and waited until 8:30.  She thought we were meeting at 9:00 and waited until 9:30.  Whoops.  But, we went and had fun and met a few people there that live in the same general area we do.  (The blueberry farm is 2 hours away.)  The children had a blast as well until Bethany got stung by a bee.  The stinger came out easily and she was right back to picking and playing after a band-aid was put on her finger.

After picking two gallons (and eating a third) we went to Ava.  (I asked the guy at the farm how much he charges for blueberries consumed and he just laughed.)  There, I stopped at NAN and spoke with the Medicine Man there at length about various things including the quality of various essential oils and the value of herbal medicine.  I even spoke with him about Husband's seizures.  He gave me some ideas and we're going to try them.  This guy knows his stuff.

After Ava, we're on our way home so I can get to my class tonight and we hear a call come through about people yelling for help.  They, thankfully, did not need our help.  The police responded with a boat.  I don't know if they were caught in weeds or out of gas.  (Depends upon who you ask.)

At class tonight, it was CPR certification.  We are among the first in the area to be certified using the new AHA guidelines.  Infant, child, adult CPR, Rescue Breathing, Heimlich Maneuver for the medical professional.  I will get my card next week at class.

I was looking at my goals I had for 2011 the other day.  (Side bar.)  I am actually getting them accomplished.  While this is not a full blown EMT class, it is a step in that direction.  I am not sure I would want full EMT, but I am not opposed to the idea.  What I wanted was training in emergency medical care as the level I am getting.  Be able to do something or assist or provide care while waiting for the paramedics.

The pasture is currently being worked on.  It will be done by next week.  We have the fencing and are clearing the dead wood.

Clearing the dead wood is getting our winter wood stacked as much as we want and even more so than what I initially planned.

The lofts are going to be worked on in a couple of weeks.  We just need the materials which will be picked up next week.  The bedroom and milking parlor are going to be done at the same time either next month or the month after.

The only thing we haven't actively put on our schedule for the next couple of months is more solar, but are working in that direction.

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