Friday, June 24, 2011

Laundry Day

Normally, I would be at the Farmers' Market selling soap, but today has become laundry day.  We ran into someone we know (not hard to do) and mentioned we are on our way to do laundry.  He mentioned he does his on Sunday morning.  Well, while I strive for doing laundry at least once a week, there are times when a few days beyond a week go by and I find myself looking for clean underwear.  Thankfully, I have less underwear than anyone else in the family so I know there is no fear of someone else running out before I do.

The girls, making friend wherever they go, have been asking if they can go back to the blueberry place to visit their new friends.  Not content with "Well, I'm sure we will run into them again" I have had to remind them that they live around here.  That has only mildly appeased them.  At least for this minute.

I have also discovered that I am very absent minded.  I thought I had the necessary paperwork with me to mail back to the coalition, but I apparently left it at home.  Popsicle Sticks!  So, after laundry and going home, I am going to have to leave again right away to get to the post office before they close.

I was going over in my head last night all the certification stuff from the American Heart Association and the new guidelines.  Apparently, some of the new stuff having to do with defibrillation surprised some people there.  But, that is what the training and certification is for.

I do have to laugh though.  One of the things shown was what to do with someone who is hairy.  They actually said - and showed - put the patch on, yank it off hard to remove the hair, and replace the patch.  OUCH!  But, as they said, the guy won't feel it.  What about when he wakes up?  "Thank you for saving my life, can I have something for this painfully bald spot on my chest?"

Anyway, I need to check the laundry.  I am also still researching new curriculum for Charlie.  He needs to be challenged more.  Two grades above his grade level and he still gets bored because the work is too easy.  So, I am wondering if a new curriculum wouldn't help.

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Connie Smiley said...

It was nice meeting you at the blueberry patch. Say hi to Bethany and Hannah.