Saturday, April 9, 2011


I don't like waiting.  Husband is at a fire and he has not checked in yet.  I know he's not supposed to yet.  I know he's fine.  But I don't like waiting at home for that phone call to let me know that he is alright.  I'm going on the next call and that's final!  (So say page 3.)

In other news, I had a wonderful time at the BACA cook-out.  I met a lot of great people and got to meet the people I would have the most interaction with in my advocacy work.  I love it.  The whole visual concept of these big scary bikers being advocates for the most helpless of all when it comes to victims of abuse.

Let's see.  What else has been going on.  Oh, I'm trying my hand at drying mushrooms.  I found a great deal on mushrooms, so I picked up a little extra and have them strung up.  Since I no longer have a dehydrator, I am hanging to dry.  If I do well with this, I am going to try other things.  If it doesn't work, then I will see where I went wrong and try again next time there is a sale.  We all love mushrooms with the exception of Charlie.  They are also a good source of zinc which is great when a person is sick.  It helps with the immune system.

We have also been over run with red wasps.  They are annoying and I want them to go away.  So far, I have not found a way to make them leave or make them want to find another place.  I've been killing them as I can and am trying to avoid using chemicals to do so.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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