Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Already?

There is a recurring theme in this family.  Wherever we have lived, no matter how many there were, no matter how much I have thinned out and donated, the same song always rings from my mouth.

"We need more bookshelves."  It never ends.  I am always in need of shelving for my books.  I donate books to different places.  I drop books off and leave them for others to enjoy.  I have gotten rid of boxes and boxes of books.  Yet, they still accumulate.  I have books.  I like books.  I like to read.  I like to learn.  I like to be able to look things up quickly.  And face it, there are many, many, many times when a book on hand is faster than the computer. 

Charlie has been doing very well with his schoolwork.  He has figured out (once again) that getting it done means he gets to play.  Granted, this is a brand new concept for him (sarcasm) so maybe this will reduce the nagging that seems to spew forth from my mouth. 

Bethany's reading is coming along great.  She has a desire and a love to learn so building on that allows for a rich opportunity to build on that.  Whining and pestering and nagging over schoolwork is never-ending.  And I don't mean trying to get out of it.  I mean wanting to do it RIGHT NOW. 

Hannah is the same way.  But her focus right now is more of "I need help, I can't, please pay 100% attention to me and what I am doing."  That is fine sometimes.  I don't mind.  But when I am running around the table trying to pay attention to all of them at once while nursing a really bad headache makes for annoyance. 

Tomorrow, we are going to be butchering the rest of the roosters.  He will kill and skin or pluck and I will gut, wash, wrap, and freeze.  This will happen at the same time soap is being made.  (Yes, I am multi-talented.)  I am also hoping to get some cheese made.  I know Husband misses his feta and I miss yogurt and cream cheese.

Can I just say I am really enjoying having a working fridge with a freezer compartment?  The propane fridge has been working for almost a week now and there have been zero issues with it thus far.  YAY!  food has been staying cold.  The freezer has been freezing great.  It is at it's coldest setting, but I am still hesitant to turn it down (up?) quite yet.  There are no handy numbers to decipher where I'm at on the knob.  Knowing my luck, I'll end up turning it off.  One knob controls both the fridge and freezer.  Do I leave well enough alone and (possibly) use more propane than necessary or do I live on the wild side and turn the knob?

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ravinlunachick said...

Turn it a little less than halfway, and adjust accordingly. That's what I'd do (assuming there's nothing I'd cry over losing in the freezer).