Thursday, March 10, 2011


They be mixed and poured and are now forming in their molds!  YAY!  We have a coffee, a mint, and an oatmeal.  We'll pull them out of the molds in a few days, cut them to size, and allow them to dry (which takes a few weeks) and then wrap them and ship them out. 

Husband is working on the website.  Or trying to.  We seem to have run into a bit of difficulty.  We didn't hold onto our name so it has been taken.  At least the .com part has been.  So we are going to try to gather up the rest (.net .us .fillintheblank)  This way we can hopefully hold onto Hoppes Homestead even if we can't have it be .com.

I picked up some yogurt at the store so I will be making cream cheese tomorrow.  Since I have no starter, I am having to use store bought yogurt.  I really miss making this stuff.  I am so thankful to be able to get back into doing all of this.  I am actually going to hold off on making bread so I can have the whey.

Not much else is going on here.  I got some cleaning and rearranging done.  I am basically doing Spring Cleaning one area at a time.  While doing this, I am figuring out that we need a tack room for the saddles, bridles, ropes, etc.  They keep getting shifted, but there is no permanent home for them yet.  It is driving me a little nuts.  But what can you do?  Building a tack room is not a high priority right now.  We'll figure something out.  I have an idea, but it will most likely make my husband scream so I will hold off on mentioning it.

It has been one week since my pap smear.  I will find out in another week or two if there is any change.  I hate waiting.  I have no patience for it.  Do I or don't I have cervical cancer?  Is it still in its precancerous stage or has it worsened?  Or (ideal) has it gone away and my pap was completely and totally normal?

Well, the children are in bed.  (Not asleep, but in bed.)  It is quiet.  The moon is bright.  I am going to waste time on the internet until it is time for me to go to bed.  (When the children are asleep.)

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ed said...

I sincerely hope you don't have cancer.

Best wishes.