Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pictures Again

Another day of shooting.

Charlie's schooling schedule.  The red X is because the stuff did not get done yesterday due to us out paying bills.  However, he is making up for it today.  Saturdays are our "finish up what wasn't done during the week" day.

Our schedule and menu for the month. 

Our barrel stove with the brackets.  It allows it for being used as a slow cooker.

My fingers.  My middle finger is messed up at the first knuckle.  It hurts like heck still.

All of them are still swollen and you can see bits of bruised nail starting to come through at the cuticle.  I'm going to have black fingernails here soon.

My finger tips are still yucky looking.  All in all, I got off pretty good with the whole rope incident.

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