Thursday, December 16, 2010

There and back

We left out midnight Monday night and got into Theodosia Tuesday morning.  We made a fire to thaw out the cabin and slept for a few hours.  While heading out to get water, we passed R coming in with her horse trailer.  Turning around, we followed her back and helped her load up all the animals except the dogs and the chickens. 

With nothing left but the dogs and chickens, we headed back out and filled the water tank.  After draining it into the animal tank, we stacked the base of it with hay and draped roofing paper over it.  If the sun comes out, it will heat up the roofing paper and keep the water from freezing.  The insulation along the bottom with prevent it from freezing along the bottom.

I must say that it is considerably warmer home than it is here.  While it was 15* here, it was 30* there.  I like it warmer.

We drove back yesterday and got in last night.  Seeing the threats of snow and freezing rain, we wanted to get ahead of it.  We didn't want to be stranded anywhere and unable to get here if need be.  So, we made it ahead of the storm.  Ironically enough, the snow started just as we pulled onto the street my SIL lives off of.  God is good.

B, R's husband, has no problems with checking on the dogs and chickens when he gets off of work.

I was worried when we headed back to Arkansas that we would not have the money to make it back.  But being ultra conservative, we made i back with $20 to spare.  (And has to last us a week.)

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