Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Saddle Soap and Smoke

Those are the two scents that are most prominent in this house.  The saddle soap is subtle, but you can smell it.  It's almost like Murphy's Oil Soap.  With the saddles kept on the beam in the kitchen, you can't help but get a faint whiff of it as you are walking in and out.

The smoke is the wood barrel stove.  That smell of wood burning just smells so good and smelling it, you know you are home.  When you are outside and working, you can smell it in the air and know that a nice warm house is waiting for you and it brings a feeling of cozy comfort as you feel the cool air brush against your cheeks.

I did get a little bit of shooting in today so I also smell gun powder.  I need more practice.  I've gotten out of practice and forgot about the kick.  So, I missed my target from about 30 feet away.  (I think it's more like 50, but Husband says 30.)  I also forgot how loud a gun is in still air.  The echo rolls through the valley.  Tomorrow, I am going to get more shooting in and put in ear plugs before I do.  Charlie wanted to do some shooting, but not with the .38.  He needs more practice with the air gun.  Bethany can start shooting the bb gun so she can learn about handling.

Tomorrow, we will be getting the truck aligned and a tire replaced (wire is showing) before attempting to pull the horse trailer.  Once that is done, we can get the animals.  I miss Casey and Davarge.  I miss the goats and pigs as well, but I really miss the horse and donkey.  I have a goal to get on Casey every day.  We'll see how I do with that goal.  I also have a goal to shoot everyday, but that hasn't been happening obviously since I forgot basics like LOUD and KICK with a .38.  I think I was a bit sensitive to the loud today for some reason.  There are times when I just don't deal well with loud.

Thursday, Mandie has her appointment with the midwife and the midwife is going to strip her membranes.  She is also going to take cohosh.  This means I am very quickly going to be going back to Indiana.  I'll be staying with Mandie and taking care of her and her house so she can have baby time.  Plus, I need to have a talk with this baby once she's out so I can set her straight on some things.  Give Mommy a hard time.  That's ok.  But I'm Auntie Kim.  She is not supposed to give me a hard time.  It says so in the rule book.

Among the over flowing mail I picked up today from the post office was a letter from the court in Indiana saying I am being subpoenaed in April for another child support hearing.  It states in the paperwork that I am paying child support.  The last time I appeared, everything was supposed to be transferred to here.  I had another hearing on Dec 15 which they said I did not have to appear for, that is was a review.  I even talked with the lawyer to confirm that and he said I didn't have to be there.  There is no bench warrant for my arrest, but apparently I am required to show up again in April.  So, I called my lawyer, got the receptionist, told her to hog-tie him, duct tape him to a chair, shove the phone in his face, and have him call me.  (He never returns phone calls.  Anytime I have ever spoken with him was me actually catching him in the office.)  I called a couple of hours later, he came, picked up his messages, and left and will be back in tomorrow.  GAH!

Anyway, I am going to enjoy the smell of wood smoke, saddle soap, and the company of my husband as the children settle into bed.

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