Friday, December 17, 2010

One of my many philosophies

I had an interesting conversation with my SIL last night.  She thought we were raising our girls to be wives an mothers.  Well,we are just like we are raising our son to be a husband and father.  However, that does not mean that the girls can't be taught to take care of and fend for themselves.  Just as our son will know how to cook, clean, and mend, our daughters will know how to take care of a leaking faucet, replace a breaker, change a tire, and change the oil.

What brought this on was a conversation we were having about the future and if we get the 120 acres that border us.  If we get it, in the future we are planning on eventually splitting it up to 40 acres per child but with specific ideas of how it would work.

Each child will build their own house (one room cabins and an outhouse) and get 10 acres. They will also get starter animals and seeds.  As they grow (animals and crops) they will get more land until they have a total of 40 acres each.  Granted this is all years from now.  If we don't get the 120 acres, they will still get to build the cabins and get the 10 acres and starter animals and seeds.

In doing this, they will get to not only design their own cabins, but also get hands on learning about electricity, plumbing, and everything else that goes into building a house.  Right now, their learning is more of a watching Husband with the windmill and batteries and solar.  While they do learn by watching (and by being in the general vicinity) this will give them the hands on work in the future.

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I say it is a very good plan