Sunday, November 28, 2010

Late Service Today

We had home church service late today due to one of the families that joins us having to round up horses.  Four of their horses had gotten loose and had to be chased down, rounded up, and put back in.  So, we went about our day and held off church service until they could get here. 

Service itself was nice.  We read from 1 Corinthians 11 and Charlie played a song on the piano.  The preaching was short and to the point probably due to the lateness in the day. 

R and I were supposed to go to Mountain Home tomorrow, but that has been cancelled on my part due to a phone call I got last night.  I want to make sure I am available tomorrow if needed.  (I can't share anymore than that.)

Tomorrow I am going to be picking up all of R's children and keeping them over night and returning them Tuesday morning.  It is my birthday gift to R.  A full night's sleep and sleeping as late as she wants Tuesday morning.

The wood barrel heat and the wood cook stove are all hooked up and I have brownies in the oven right now.  Brownies cooked in a wood stove.  Mmmm.  Dinner is minutes from being done.  The roast is done and so is everything else.  I'm just waiting for the rice to finish.  I like having a wood cook stove and oven.  I feel normal now.  We were using the wood cook stove until the roof got near finished then had to disconnect the stove pipe which meant no exhaust.  I had not used the oven before this point and had been unsure of how to use it.  Watching R, I learned quickly and now with everything hooked back up and in working order, I am looking forward to doing lots of cooking and lots of baking.

The baby pig seems to be doing ok.  I can't get her to take a bottle for me, but I did read that giving a baby pig a bottle is not necessary and that they can take formula from a shallow dish without aspirating.  So, that is what I am doing. 

Anyway, dinner is near ready so I need to get the table cleared and set.

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